Keeping Home Insurance Affordable: What to Consider

It’s not easy to buy property regardless of when you live, but the economy today has made it harder and harder for younger people to afford their land. If you are lucky enough to have a home, the insurance can feel like an unwanted expense that threatens your monthly cash flow. Here are some tips from the Insurance Outfit to keeping it affordable.

Discovering Your PrioritiesĀ 

For some people, they care about the cars in the garage of their home in Chester, NJ. For others, it’s their expensive couch and flat-screen television. Some people only care about the cup of coffee in the breakfast nook or the vanity in their walk-in closet. Once you know what is most important to you, you can get to work regarding ensuring it’s protected against a variety of events. It can help keep home insurance affordable because you’re becoming more aware of what you can and can’t live without. Whether you choose to buy additional coverage on the belongings in your home or not is at least done with full knowledge of what the consequences will look like in the event of an emergency.

Choosing an Agency to Help

The right agency can remind you of scenarios you may not have thought of before, allowing you to see why home insurance is not only necessary but also downright reasonable. The monthly rates you pay now pale in comparison to the total cost you might face a liability lawsuit or debilitating storm that wipes out your entire property. If you live in Chester, NJ and need more information about quotes or policies, callĀ The Insurance Outfit today for more information.

How To Prepare Your Chester Home For The Fall

Your home in Chester, New Jersey is where you spend a lot of your time. As the fall months approach and the weather gets colder, you want to be sure you are doing everything to prepare. Creating a checklist of what you can do will make it easier for you to get some things done.

Have the HVAC Inspected

You may not be using HVAC right now because the weather is cool, and you can keep your windows open. However, you are getting close to the time where you are going to be relying on the heat. To avoid any kind of problems, it’s best to have a technician come out and make sure that all systems are working.

Check the Roof

Your roof should be inspected on an annual basis, and the fall is a great time to do so. You want to make sure that there is no damage so that leaves and ultimately snow do not pose any major problems for your home.

Call a Chimney Sweep

It’s only a matter of time before you want to turn on your fireplace for the first time this year. Call a chimney sweep to make sure that all cleaned out so that you can avoid a fire in your home.

Go Through Your Home

You also want to take the time to go through your home to check for various things. This includes:

– Potential fire hazards
– Fire extinguishers
– Batteries in your smoke detectors

Fall is also the time when you should check your home insurance policy. Does it still have all the coverage you need? Have you added anything to your home that needs to be included in your policy?

Contact The Insurance Outfit today to find out more about homeowner’s insurance and how to protect your home.



What Factors Increase Your Home Insurance Premiums?

Home insurance is important to protect what may be your biggest investment.  When it comes to your home insurance premiums, you are probably aware that the location and size of your home will play a large part in how your home insurance premiums are determined. Here are some less known factors that can increase your home insurance premiums in the Chester, NJ area.

Premium Increasing Factors 

A couple of obvious items are having a swimming pool or a trampoline, both are great for family enjoyment in the backyard, but they will cause your home insurance premiums to be higher. If someone is injured, you may be held liable, even if you didn’t give permission for the use of the pool or trampoline.  If you keep your pool secured by fencing it off, have safety equipment within easy access, and put a net around the trampoline to reduce injuries, it may help decrease your insurance premiums.

A few less obvious items that can increase premiums are a wood burning stove, a lack of home security or fire safety, and the age of your roof materials.  If any of these factors are issues for you, there are things you can do to help reduce premium rates. For example, show evidence that a licensed contractor installed the stove and it meets safety codes. Install smoke detectors and easy access fire extinguishers. You can also install new locks, dead bolts, and a security system to help reduce rates.

The Insurance Outfit

If you own a home or plan to purchase a home in the Chester, NJ area and have concerns about your home insurance rates, contact a friendly agent from The Insurance Outfit. We can help you address any factors that may be increasing your home insurance premiums.

Practicing Better Home Safety in Chester

Home safety is hard for everyone, because it’s so easy to make a mistake in a place you’re comfortable in. You get complacent and assume that life will just swing along from day to day. It just takes one partially lit match or one open window to create a disaster though. Before you decide you don’t need a few tips, remember just how forgetful you get when you’re about to head to bed and are so tired you can’t see straight. The Insurance Outfit serves Chester, NJ and wants you to keep your house whole. 

Think Ahead 

This is the best tip for home safety, but also an obvious and an easy-to-miss one. This can be as simple as storing valuables in different places, such as the freezer or behind children’s books. Or you could set alarms for yourself when you’re cooking to ensure you turn off the oven and the burners. You can also think even further ahead and plant thorny bushes under your window to deter thieves. Use window stickers and bath mats to avoid accidents and injuries, and ensure young kids know not to touch dangerous appliances. You may want to consider getting a better alarm system too, or setting up a better incentive system for your children to practice home safety. 

Choose a Better Home Insurance Policy  

The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ has agents who can help you decide on a policy that will actively keep your home safe from the many elements that could threaten it on any given day. Call us today to learn more about how you can get the coverage that will save you the hassle of footing the bill. Skip the cut-throat insurance companies and instead pick a business you can trust with agents who understand. 


General Home Insurance Versus Riders

In a lot of ways, an insurance rider is an agreeable way that an insurance provider and a consumer can agree on a separate add-on coverage to an existing policy. Keep in mind, most home insurance polices are crafted as a standard package. They include terms that protect the homeowner against a common group of risks. These commonly include things like a home fire or a robbery. And a policy provides a given extent of coverage for the good and products a person keeps in his home without having to be item-specific. That works for most homes, but it also means that special items won’t be included. That could leave special items like jewelry or expensive electronic equipment essentially "out in the cold" if something gets damaged or stolen.

To resolve the problem, a rider is provided as a second add-on policy to the first homeowner’s insurance coverage. However, where the first policy was general, the rider is a specific protection plan that actually names the item or special additional coverage being included. In most cases, riders are used for specific property items versus expanded protection contingencies. Jewelry again is one of the most common categories. However, a valuable collectible can be a rider category as well.

Homeowners in Chester NJ don’t need to stuff their deposit boxes at the bank with critical items. The Insurance Outfit and their agents are well equipped to help customers with original policy plans as well as adding on riders for specific coverage needs. Again, the purpose of insurance is to complete a well thought financial plan for personal stability and success. A rider can provide valuable adjustments to existing policies without having to redo an entire home coverage all over again. Contact the Insurance Outfit to find out more.

Home Insurance in Chester: We’ve Got You Covered

Coverage on your home can seem like a minefield, and people often don’t like thinking about the worst that could happen to their home. When your property is as much emotional as it is physical, you start seeing it a very different way. Having complete coverage is the best way for you to feel as though you have a handle on the protection that you need for the unknown. Learn more about how a resident in Chester can face up to the challenge. 

Understanding It All 

One excellent idea is to sit down for an afternoon and just devote it to figuring out how home insurance works. You should be working with someone who knows insurance, as it’s much easier to ask the questions directly than to try to go piecemeal on the internet. It’s certainly doable, but chances are you aren’t swamped with free time. When you take on the responsibility of owning a house, you need to be able to take the time to understand how to protect it. 

Finding the Right Team to Help 

If you’ve ever called a huge insurance company, then you’ve probably heard an automated message system that took 15 seconds just to greet you. Sometimes it makes more sense to choose a smaller carrier so you can have a better means of getting the help you need when you need it. Low premiums aren’t really low premiums at all when it comes down to it, as you’ll end up either paying through your time or rising rates that you can ill afford. The Insurance Outfit understands how important it is to get set up with the right help now rather than later. Give us a call today for a quote or more information on our services. 


3 Best Kept Secrets to Organizing Your Closets

The Insurance Outfit, offer homeowners some great tips for home improvement that will add value to their lives. Cluttered closets make sore eyes, and in some cases a health concern. It’s easy to become a hoarder, so let’s devise a remedy to make life easier.

There is an art to organizing your closet. The key is the find the right approach, use it, and never forget it. It doesn’t take long for clutter to build up in close places. Your closet is a place that you only visit on occasion, but you want to keep it looking and smelling fresh. To do this, you must use tact and insight, but most importantly, you must be creative. To be creative, you must learn the top three secrets to organizing your closet, and creating more space. At The Insurance Outfit, here are 3 best kept secrets to organizing your closet, we like to share.

Remove Seasonal Clothes You No Longer Need

Your closet is only so large, so remove winter or summer clothes and pack from away. Keep one or two light sweaters and a scarf, on standby, you never know when a light breeze will come through. Clothes you no longer wear, takes up too much space. Pack them away, or give them to a thrift store.

Use Tiered Hangers

Instead of using one hanger per shirt or skirt, use tiered hangers to fit more clothes in your closet. It’s possible to hang 2 or more items on tiered hangers, allowing more room for more clothes. You can even fit several pair pants on the same hanger, or color coordinate your closet, so you can find what you need quickly.

Install Extra Shelves

Installing extra shelves allow you to store T-shirts, shorts, and running shoes. You can place some items in collapsible boxes and stackable bins, so you can create even more space. Your extra shelves can hold folded clothes, shoes, small baskets for accessories, linen and so much more.

Last Minute Tips and Hacks

Cedar blocks and panels repel bugs and help your closet to maintain a clean fresh smell. Utilize the backside of the closet for extra storage space, and remember to use pre-cut shelves to minimize the need for precise measurements.

Quick Spring Cleaning Tips to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

You may think of spring cleaning as a process that is a lot of work and takes days to complete, but it doesn’t have to be. Get your home fresh and clean with these tips.

Wash all your bedlinens. While they are off, apply some baking soda to your bed, and then vacumn it off. This will help remove any dirt and dust in your mattress and freshen it up. Take down your shower curtain and liner and put them in the washer on the gentle cycle. You will also want to wash any throws or small rugs.

Take large rugs outside and beat them with a broom. This helps get out dirt that your vaccumn didn’t pick up. Let it sit outside for a few hours, and vacumn them when you bring it back inside.

Cut a lemon into slices, and put it in a microwave safe bowl full of water. Put it in the microwave for about two minutes. This will loosen up any messes, and the lemon makes your home smell cleaner. SImply remove the bowl and wipe your microwave clean.

Take out any expired or ruined items in your fridge. Use your lemon water and mix in some dish soap and baking soda. Now you can give your refridgerator a quick cleaning on the inside without getting chemical cleaners on your food. When you are finished with the inside, wipe the outside down with the solution.

Bring in some flowers. They will make your home smell wonderful, and give it a springtime feel. You can get potted plants, or just a simple bouquet of wildflowers.

Spring cleaning is a great way to take care of your home, but have you thought about your insurance coverage lately? If you don’t have insurance, or would like to see if you have enough coverage, The Insurance Outfit can give you a quick quote.


Is Your Home Ready If Disaster Strikes?

When you live in Chester, you have to ask yourself a very important question. Is your home ready if there is ever a disaster? It will be an easier question to answer if you take the time to go

It’s best to use a checklist to see if you have everything you need, room by room. To get you started:

  • Have a first aid kit in the kitchen
  • Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and on every level of the house
  • Ensure working carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are on every floor
  • Ensure batteries and emergency lighting is around the house, including every room
  • Have extra food and water on hand
  • Keep protein heavy nonperishable foods in the pantry
  • Keep extra blankets around
  • Buy a weather radio
  • Maintain a list of emergency contact numbers

Depending upon the layout of your home, you want to make sure that you have other supplies as well. If you have bedrooms on the second floor, having an emergency escape ladder can provide a secondary route of escape if needed. You may also want to have a corded phone plugged into your landline on each level of your home in the event you need to call for help.

Check on your home preparedness levels on a regular basis so that if you are short on supplies, you can replenish before a disaster ever threatens to harm your home or your family.

Call The Insurance Outfit today so that one of our insurance agents can talk to you about emergency preparedness as well as the different coverage options that exist in Chester, New Jersey. Our goal is to help you find an affordable policy that provides you with peace of mind all year long.


Is Home Improvement Projects Covered by Insurance?

The independent insurance agents at The Insurance Outfit in Chester, New Jersey can offer solutions before you begin that greatly anticipated home improvement project. Some projects may be covered by insurance while others can cause unexpected costs.

Notifying your insurance agent about your impending project is crucial when beginning a home improvement project. If you build a beautiful sunroom and someone becomes injured in the process, your insurance may not cover the injury if they were not informed of the project beforehand.

Certain large improvement projects can cause the value of your home to increase. Normally this is a good thing, but if something unforeseen happens to your newly remodeled home the insurance may only pay out the amount your home was valued at prior to the improvements. Increasing your limits may be the only solution. Find out from your independent agents at The Insurance Outfit if you have to add that major project to your policy.

Protect yourself from a legal suit by making sure your contractor has the proper liability insurance. Imagine your contractor falling from the roof that he or she is redesigning. He breaks his leg. If he is not properly insured, then you could have to dig through your homeowner’s policy to see if your insurance covers his injuries. In addition, your project will be on hold for days, if not weeks until you can find a new contractor.

Similarly, do-it-yourself jobs can have the same issues. Make sure that your liability insurance covers Uncle Harry spraining his ankle on the loose gravel he was clumsily spreading. He will need X-rays, which include doctors and laboratory bills. The Independent Agents at The Insurance Outfit in New Jersey can help you discover the right kind of coverage you will need for your home improvement project.