How Jewelry Insurance Works

We have all learned to insure our most expensive possessions, such as a car or home. But we never consider using this same approach to insure our jewelry until now. 

To many Chester, NJ newlyweds and long-time married couples, an engagement ring is the most cherished jewelry piece in their possession. Often, it defines their relationship, but the ring is susceptible to damage, loss or theft due to its daily usage. And you can forget about securing the engagement ring in a wall safe as jewelry is the most common stolen item in most home invasions. The idea of jewelry insurance is intriguing, but still an unknown concept to all. 

So, let’s discuss how jewelry insurance works to protect your expensive investments:

Why Do I Need Jewelry Insurance

It’s easy for sentimental or valuable jewelry to go missing in a blink of an eye. We all have taken off our rings, watches or necklaces when playing sports, going swimming or taking a shower and suddenly they’re gone. Unfortunately, this happens far too often, but you should never be afraid to wear your jewelry in public because of the fear that something bad is going to take place. That wouldn’t be the case if you acquire jewelry insurance from The Insurance Outfit to help ease your mind.

What Does Jewelry Insurance Cover

The biggest misconception about insuring jewelry is that it’s covered in a homeowner’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, under the terms of the agreement, jewelry is considered a non-essential household item and usually gets the least amount of coverage from a standard policy. 

The essence of jewelry insurance is to cover the full value of the item in the event of damage, theft or accidental loss. The first two terms are self-explanatory as all damage or theft will be repaired or replaced under the terms of the agreement. The last term, accidental loss, does have a specific meaning. 

Accidental loss is when your jewelry has been lost by mistake or if the piece is beyond repair as a result of an accident. Usually, a jeweler will have to confirm the item cannot be repaired. 

It’s devastating to have a piece of jewelry that represents a special moment in your life suddenly get lost, damaged or stolen. Come in and speak with an agent with The Insurance Outfit of Chester, NJ as they can design a jewelry insurance policy that fits all of your needs.

Things to Consider When Insuring an ATV in New Jersey

In the state of New Jersey, if you plan to operate an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) you cannot use it on any public street, road, or public area that is not a designated area for ATV use. In New Jersey, ATVs are only allowed for off-road use. They are not considered “street-legal.” This means that to use one, you need to have a way to transport it to the off-road location unless it is already on private land where you use it. You cannot legally drive an ATV down the street for a few blocks to get to private off-road trails. You cannot use it in a big parking lot unless you own the lot.

Age Limits for ATVs in New Jersey

There is no requirement by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) for a person to have any operating license to drive an ATV. The only legal operating restriction is that any person under the age of 16 cannot operate an ATV that has a motor larger than 90cc.

Insurance for an ATV in New Jersey

Work with your insurance agent at The Insurance Outfit, serving Chester, NJ and the nearby towns, to make sure you have adequate insurance for your ATV. You will want to discuss how you will use it, who will use it, and where it will be used. You will also want to discuss how it will be stored. If you need to transport your ATV, you will need to think about insurance coverage for the trailer you use to carry it, as well as possibly adjust your automobile insurance to allow towing a trailer with your vehicle.


You will need proper coverage for the value of ATV plus protection for the risk of property damage and personal injury. Be sure to also have your agent check any life insurance policies you have because there may be exclusions in life insurance policies for ATV use. Contact your agent at The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ to get an ATV insurance review and a quote.

Update Your RV Insurance For That Winter Trip

RV camping during the winter months can be a perfect time to bond with the family, hit the slopes or stay inside and enjoy a winter wonderland. It can also be a time to update your RV insurance in the event of cold-weather hazards or mishaps. If you’re headed for winter-weather fun, The Insurance Outfit of Chester, NJ can help you review your policy and make sure it’s up to date.

Review the Type of Coverage You Have Before Your Trip

RV Insurance encompasses different types of coverage. Liability is required, then there’s comprehensive and collision. But there’s also vacation coverage, emergency expense coverage and other additional or supplemental coverage.

If you’re not sure what you’ll need for your winter adventure, you should contact an insurance agent for advice on the best coverage to protect your investment during your excursion.

Check Your Coverage Limits and Consider Purchasing Additional Coverage

If you’re carrying the minimum required amount of insurance, your policy likely has limits to what’s covered. So, any additional equipment, and gear in your RV may not be covered. Perform an inventory of all the contents you’ll carry in your RV during your winter trip to ensure you get adequate coverage. 

For example, if you’ve got snow toys like skis, snowboards or even a snowmobile in tow, you’ll want to review your policy to make sure they’re covered. If not, consider updating your policy to protect these items in case of unforeseen events.

Contact An Agent to Update Your RV Insurance

You want to have an enjoyable experience winter RVing, so it’s important that your RV has the protection it needs. Don’t spend your vacation worrying about the what-ifs of not having adequate coverage. Contact The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ today!


Why you should consider wedding insurance

With the cost of weddings these days, protecting your special day with wedding insurance can be a very good idea. The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ has the information that you need before you decide if this coverage is right for you. Having made a major investment in the perfect day, it is important that no matter what, things can go forward without a hitch.

One never wants to think that bad things happen but life is uncertain and as most people know, what can go wrong, will go wrong. Wedding insurance offers protection against some of these things. It comes in two different parts, liability insurance, and cancellation insurance. They can be purchased together or you can choose only one. 

Wedding liability insurance

Wedding liability insurance is a type of event insurance and it can protect you if someone is injured or theft occurs at your event. You should check with both the venue and your homeowner’s insurance before you purchase this type of coverage. You may find that it is already being covered.

Wedding cancellation insurance

Wedding cancellation claims are the most common with event cancellation, vendor issues and venue damage amounting to almost two-thirds of all claims. Weather is one of the many factors in these claims and depending on the time of year that your wedding is being held and the location, it may be something that is important for you to consider. Another is vendors or venues going out of business or sustaining damage and being unavailable. 

What could be worse than having something catastrophic happen and it affect your wedding? If you live in or near Chester, NJ The Insurance Outfit will be happy to discuss the different types of wedding insurance and whether they are something that you need to consider.

3 Things You Need to Ensure a Safe Event

Hosting an event requires you to be as diligent as possible when it comes to safety measures and ensuring everyone has a good time without risking an injury or an accident of any kind. In Chester, NJ, you can call The Insurance Outfit if you are planning on hosting a large event and need advice on how to keep your guests as safe as possible. They have the answers you are looking for and will be able to guide you in the right direction.


Depending on the type of event, you may want to hire a security company. Having a few individuals on the premises to make sure everything goes according to the plan. In most cases, nothing happens out of the ordinary. It’s always a good idea, however, to have a few security members on hand.

Professional Set-Up

If you plan on having any type of lights or entertainment on hand, make sure all of the equipment is set up by professionals. This will ensure all of the electrical cords are connected correctly. A blown fuse or circuit can ruin the entire night.

Liability Insurance

Lastly, having liability insurance in place will protect both you and your guests if an accident does occur. Having the venue set up and inspected so that it meets the requirements of the insurance policy is a great way to ensure everything is as it should be before the event starts.

In Chester, NJ, the staff of The Insurance Outfit is always available if you have questions about what to do prior to setting up for your event. They have all of the answers you need! Call them today.


New Jersey Helmet Laws

When riding on a motorcycle in New Jersey, be sure you have adequate motorcycle insurance. Check your coverage with the help of an agent at The Insurance Outfit serving Chester, NJ and the surrounding area. Always wear a helmet.

New Jersey safety law requires anyone operating or riding on a motorcycle to wear a helmet that passes the certification requirement of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT standard is the minimum legal requirement; however, it is not the strictest standard. There is also a voluntary standard, used by helmet manufacturers, called the Snell standard, which is more rigorous than the DOT standard.

How are motorcycle helmets tested?

Surprisingly, the DOT certification program is done on the honor system. Each manufacturer is allowed to claim their helmet meets the DOT standard. Some spot checking occurs by the government; however, not all DOT-certified helmets are checked by a third-party testing facility.

The Snell standard is a certification that only comes after passing actual laboratory testing. In the test, the helmet, covering a head-shaped form, is dropped through guides to hit a steel anvil that has either a flat or a curved surface.

Each helmet has four impact areas tested. Then, Snell measures the severity of the impacts. Helmets that are Snell-certified are more trustworthy. All Snell helmets meet the DOT standard but not the other way around.

Safety First

Riding motorcycles is fun. Protecting your head is very important because many fatalities occur when riders have an accident and are not wearing a helmet. Moreover, if a helmet survives an accident it should be disposed of and a new one bought to replace it because it no longer has the structural integrity to provide protection.

If you are new to the area, thinking about buying a motorcycle, or are not sure you have enough insurance, contact an agent at The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ to get an insurance review and a quote for motorcycle insurance coverage.

Is Boat Insurance Required in New Jersey?

Your watercraft is one of the most important investments you’ll ever own. From salt water treks across the open sea to a weekend fishing trip on calm lake waters, every trip you make offers an adventure of a lifetime. However, spending any time on a boat will leave occupants at risk for accidents, collisions, or weather related destruction that may completely ruin your special investment. Before putting your boat out on the water in Chester, NJ, it’s important to understand your individual insurance needs for your watercraft, and whether owning a coverage policy is required by law.

Boat insurance is not required by the State of New Jersey, but it is highly recommended for anyone who intends to be out on the water in their own craft. There are several unique types of boat insurance policies available for all different kinds of individuals, including:

  • Agreed Amount Value for repairing or replacing a boat up to a specified amount in the insurance owner’s policy.
  • Actual Cash Value Coverage for factoring in the depreciation amount of a boat before repairing or replacing it.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage for expenses related to repairing or replacing a boat. Your local insurance agent can help you to decide if this type of coverage is for you.

For more information about the types of boat insurance available to you, reach out to the team members at The Insurance Outfit, your coastal experts on policy for watercraft and beyond. Located in Chester, NJ, The Insurance Outfit has consistently brought the residents of New Jersey some of the most comprehensive boat insurance policies available on the market. Call or visit our office now to learn more about how we can better serve you and start building the perfect boat insurance policy today.

How Umbrella Insurance Protects Your Assets

One of the main reasons to have an umbrella policy in Chester, NJ is to protect your assets. It can be impossible to predict whether you might win or lose a lawsuit that comes from an accident at your property or following a car accident, even if you have the best lawyers. You also can’t predict the amount of money that you could be responsible for paying. In order to protect yourself from lawsuits, you need to consider an umbrella policy.

An umbrella policy is a separate insurance policy that will exceed the coverage above and beyond what is typically provided in your auto and home insurance policies. An example of how this policy can protect your assets is as follows. If you have an auto insurance policy that pays out $300,000 for medical expenses but you are sued for $900,000, then you would still have to pay the remaining $600,000. However, if you have an umbrella policy in place, it will cover the rest so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. You can get an umbrella policy with coverage from $1 million to $5 million and possibly more if you have significant assets to protect. An agent at The Insurance Outfit can help you decide how much umbrella insurance is needed to protect your assets.

Umbrella insurance will also help with legal expenses. Since it’s the insurance company’s money at risk when you are sued, with this policy the company will likely want to protect their interest with their own legal team. This can be better than what you could afford on your own, further protecting your money. Assets that can be up for grabs in a lawsuit include your home, vehicles, savings, retirement accounts, and future earnings.

Contact The Insurance Outfit, serving Chester, NJ, to get a quote on an umbrella policy. 

Protect Your Family With Disability & Long Term Care Insurance

Protecting your family in Chester, NJ should be your top priority. Unfortunately, you never know what could happen. If someone gets hurt or contracts a disease, you need to know that they can get the long-term care that they need.

At The Insurance Outfit, we can help you with disability and long term care insurance products.

How to Protect Your Family

There are a number of ways for you to protect your family. What’s important is that you look at how you’re protected in regards to what could happen. If you hurt yourself and need to go on disability, either temporarily or permanently, how is that going to impact your family?

Having the right disability insurance will provide you with the money to continue living in the way that you have grown accustomed to. It provides you with the peace of mind needed to get you through the year, too.

Go Above and Beyond Medical Coverage

You will find that long term care insurance goes above your medical coverage. Often, medical insurance will only take care of you for a certain number of days in a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation program. What happens if you need to be there for weeks, months, or even years? Having the long term care will ensure that you can get the care that you need without worrying about extensive medical bills piling up.

There are plenty of options available for disability and long term insurance for you to explore. By working with an independent insurance agent, you can learn about the options that work best for you and your family. We will tell you the various policies and recommend specific insurance products that fit within your budget.

When you’re in Chester, NJ, you can turn to The Insurance Outfit for help. Contact us today to learn more about a policy that can protect your family.



Does Health Insurance Cover Siblings?

Health insurance is something that we can all benefit from greatly. That being said, it is always best to learn just what your policy covers so that you can be sure what you are getting into and what you are going to be able to use your insurance for. For those in the Chester, NJ area, the agents with The Insurance Outfit can help you find the right policy for your needs.

When it comes to health insurance the guidelines for who can be covered by what policy are pretty strict. In order to be on a policy with an adult, you have to be a dependent or a spouse of that adult. This means that if you have a wife and three kids, you can put your wife and three kids on that policy. If you have an adopted child you can put them on your policy, if you have a parent that lives in your home and is legally your dependent, you can put them on your policy. With children, they can stay on the parent’s insurance until they are 26 years old.

Basically, you have to legally be the dependent of the policyholder in order for them to put you on their insurance policy. This is to make sure that people do not add everyone they know just to get a better discount on their insurance. It is important that you take the time to find out just who can be added to your policy before you attempt to add them so that you can make sure you have a legal claim to adding them to your policy. For those in the Chester, NJ area, the agents with The Insurance Outfit can help you to find the right policy for your needs.