Home Insurance Needs for New Jersey Residents

New Jersey residents appreciate the many great things about their state, which is known affectionately as the “Garden State.” There is the world-famous Jersey Shore to enjoy for a day at the beach. There is the waterfront walkway at the Liberty State Park with its magnificent view of the Statute of Liberty. Commuters use the connection with New York City by going across the George Washington Bridge.

If you have a home or are thinking about buying a home in New Jersey talk to an agent at The Insurance Outfit, serving Chester, NJ and the surrounding area.

Here are some considerations to discuss to make sure your home insurance provides adequate protection:

  • Storms: The most common claims for homes in New Jersey is damage from severe storms. This includes damage from wind, heavy rain, and hail. There is also the possibility of damage from a hurricane and the associated storm surge. You may want to get flood insurance along with home insurance.
  • Falling Trees: Trees may fall due to a storm; however, they can also fall down simply due to age.
  • Domestic Workers: New Jersey law requires all employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This applies to domestic workers as well. If you plan to pay someone to help you in the home, talk with your insurance agent to get the proper insurance coverage.
  • Intoxicated Guests: If you like to have parties in your home, this type of insurance claim is a common one. If a guest falls even if it is their own fault, you, as the homeowner, are still responsible.
  • Accidents: Common accidents are people who slip and fall due to ice on the walkways leading up to a home or on the front steps.

Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage for protection against the liability from these five common things and others that you can discuss with your agent. Contact an agent at The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ by calling 908-955-7561 or use the convenient online form to get a home insurance quote.

Does my auto insurance cover legal costs if someone sues me after a crash?

Everyone Has to Carry Auto Insurance

Everyone who drives in Chester, NJ is required to carry at least a minimum amount of auto insurance. Failure to carry insurance can result in fines, license suspension, and even criminal charges.

One benefit of the insurance you purchase through The Insurance Outfit or another insurance company is that your policy includes some protection which will help to cover legal costs when you are involved in an accident that ends up in litigation. Attorneys are expensive, and most people are relieved to find that they will get help with legal fees.

Auto Accident Attorneys

If you are the victim in an accident and want to sue someone else, you can hire an attorney who will work on a contingency fee. That means the attorney won’t collect until the case is over and the judgment is collected.

If you are on the other side, you will need to defend yourself in the lawsuit. If you hire an attorney yourself, that lawyer will likely charge by the hour. Attorneys often charge hundreds of dollars an hour.

What Insurance Actually Covers

When you are sued, legal representation will be provided for you. Your insurance company may have employees that work for the company, and one may be assigned to your case. If they don’t have attorneys on staff, they will hire an attorney who will defend you in the case. You should check your policy to make sure legal fees and other expenses are covered.

Being the defendant in a lawsuit is stressful, but it’s easier when you know you have someone on your side. If you live in Chester, NJ, make sure you have enough coverage. Call The Insurance Outfit today so we can get you the protection you need.

Why You Should Protect Your Jewelry and Other High-Worth Items with Jewelry Insurance

If you are a resident in the greater Chester, NJ area, it may be time to check your homeowner’s insurance policy to make sure it provides all of the protection that you need. Typical homeowners policies have value limits on single items. A jewelry insurance policy, sometimes referred to as a personal articles policy, can bridge the gap and protect the full value of your jewelry. The team at The Insurance Outfit is here to provide the information that you need to gain a better understanding of jewelry insurance and why you may need to add it to your insurance portfolio. 

Don’t overlook this important type of coverage

Have you reviewed your homeowner’s policy to make sure that the coverage limits are sufficient for your jewelry and other high-worth items? If you want to fully protect your valuables, it is time to take a look at your options for additional insurance and protection. With jewelry insurance, you will have the protection that you need to fully cover your items in the event of loss, theft, or damage. Make sure that your insurance contains all of the features that you want. No one wants to find out that they lack the coverage that they need after the fact! Now is the right time to take a look at the details of your current policy and decide if you need further protection. This is just one reason that we recommend that our clients have their entire insurance portfolio reviewed by a professional agent on a regular basis. 

Do you have pieces of jewelry that require additional insurance coverage in the greater Chester, NJ area? Contact the team at The Insurance Outfit today and find out more about your insurance policy options.

3 Tips for Buying Auto Insurance in Chester NJ

Having Auto Insurance in Chester, NJ is the law. Without it, you could face serious fines and other penalties. After all, don’t you want to protect your asset, yourself, your passengers, and others on the road? To do this, and stay within the law, you need to purchase auto insurance.. If you’re concerned about the costs or which policy is right for you, read on to learn about three ways you can save money and find the best policy when purchasing auto insurance.

1. Bundle Your Insurance Policies

When you bundle more than one insurance policy under the same insurance company, you save money on your premiums. Keep this in mind when purchasing auto insurance. Consider bundling your new policy with your existing insurance provider with whom you have other policies, such as homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, umbrella insurance, and more. Otherwise, you can even switch all your policies over to a new insurance company if this will save you money and get you better coverage.

2. Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

It’s always a good idea to go through the fine detail of two or more auto insurance policies to find the right one. A reputable agent can help you do this and lead you toward getting the best policy for the best price.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

When looking for an auto policy in Chester, NJ, reach out to The Insurance Outfit. The agents are knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to answer all of your questions about purchasing an auto insurance policy. They will help you compare quotes, bundle, and find you the best insurance provider to work with. Reach out today to The Insurance Outfit at 908-955-7561. 

What You Need to Know About ATV Insurance in New Jersey

There’s never been a better time to have an ATV in New Jersey. There are now two new state-run ATV parks down in Cape May and Mount Pleasant, and the state is actually already planning for two more parks in the near future. This is in addition to several other privately run parks in the state. Residents of Chester, NJ alone are close to a variety of recreation areas where you can safely ride. If you’re the owner of an ATV, chances are you want to do everything you can to maintain it in order to enjoy these areas for a long time. Part of being a responsible ATV owner not only includes basic maintenance and safe riding but also investing in a good ATV insurance policy. The experts at The Insurance Outfit are here to help. Here’s what you need to know about ATV insurance in the Garden State. 

Is ATV Insurance Required?… It’s Complicated

New Jersey does not technically require ATV insurance, but things get complicated when it comes to you deciding where you want to ride. If you’re going to be on a road at all, insurance is required. This is where it gets interesting because ATVs are also not technically allowed on public roads. This is because the current law is a bit dated, going back to when it was assumed that the vast majority of ATV owners (of which there were far fewer decades ago) limited themselves to only using their vehicle on private property. But now with state-run ATV parks in existence, those who take their vehicle to these trails are considered to be riding on public roads. ATVs must also now be registered with the DMV, and so, therefore, it can be said that all NJ ATV owners should have corresponding insurance. Proof of insurance and registration should be carried whenever the ATV is in use. 

Liability Coverage is Important

Just like with car insurance, ATV liability coverage can keep you from going bankrupt in the event of an accident. Even if you do only plan to use your ATV on private property, will that property always be your own? Will you be the only driver? Having good liability coverage in place can help keep you protected should you let someone else ride your ATV or if you ride it on a friend’s property and subsequently get in an accident. 

Contact us today to learn more about ATV insurance and how we at The Insurance Outfit can assist you. We serve the Chester, NJ area and beyond, and we are here to get you the coverage you and your ATV need. 

5 Benefits of Owning an RV

There are many benefits of owning a recreational vehicle (RV) outside of the obvious freedom to live and vacation where your drive to.  Today, may people enjoy the freedom of owning an RV for a home or a vacation home wherever they want to be located at a moment’s notice.  If you’re considering buying an RV in Chester, NJ, here are some benefits:

  • It will increase your ability to travel without paying for lodging.  It can reduce other travel costs as well, such as eating out because you can easily carry what you need.
  • Enjoy plenty of amenities.  Today’s RV’s are full of the things you enjoy in your own home, such as television, a full kitchen, plenty of places to relax and sleep.
  • No more trying to find pet sitters!  You can take your pets along for the trip without worrying about if there will be issues where you plan to stay or can you take everything they might need. 
  • It can bring your loved ones to be closer.  An RV trip can create a great bonding experience as everyone enjoys the trip together.  Quarters are closer than being at home and the travel time allows for time together to visit, play games, and more.
  • RV’s maintain value over the years.  They do depreciate like other vehicles, but at a lesser rate.  If you decide to sell, you’ll be able to at a good price most often.  You can store the RV on your property or away from home.   

The Insurance Outfit

The Insurance Outfit in the Chester, NJ area takes the time to carefully compare policies to help you choose from multiple carriers.  This gives you the advantage of finding the best policy at the lowest price.  Contact an Outfit agent today.

Why Your Collectors Vehicle May Not Be Covered If You Have It At a Storage Facility

Owning a collectors vehicle is often a labor of love! Whether you have restored an antique vehicle or have assembled a kit car, you know how much time, energy, and effort can go into restoring and maintaining a collector car or other vehicle. Typical auto insurance is not sufficient for such cars, and many otherwise excellent agents may not understand the nuances of these special vehicles. If you own a collectors vehicle and live or store that car in the greater Chester, NJ area the team at The Insurance Outfit has the expertise that you need to protect your treasured possession.

Collector Cars Stored at a Facility Require A Specialized Policy

There are many different factors that go on into determining the right policy for your vehicle. If you use your car for everyday use, or only take it out to go to a classic car show, your policy requirements will vary widely. The same is true if you keep your collector car in a storage facility rather than at your primary place of residence. When you have your car off-premises the requirements for coverage will vary, and it will likely make sense to acquire a specialized policy for such a situation. Don’t let your hard work and labor go unprotected because of where you keep your car! Now is the time to confirm that your policy is appropriate for your exact collector vehicle situation.

Your collector car is not only a beloved personal possession, but it is also a valuable asset. Don’t be left with insufficient coverage in the event of a loss, call or stop by The Insurance Outfit and make sure that your Chester, NJ area collector car has the protection it needs and deserves.

What Is Wedding Insurance, And Why Do I Need It?

When planning for your big day, you probably haven’t thought about wedding insurance – but, you should! You put a lot of time, effort and planning into your special day, and the small cost of wedding insurance could help prevent you from having to deal with unforeseen problems on your own. The Insurance Outfit is familiar with all the types of things that could wrong — we will have your back if something goes wrong and you’re covered. 

Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance? 

What would you do if someone was injured at your Chester, NJ home while celebrating your happy day, or your caterer failed to show? Wedding insurance is a policy that protects you from loss due to accidents or unforeseen events that cause injury or damage that prevents your wedding from happening as planned, like issues with extreme weather, a vendor, or the venue.  

What Types of Wedding Insurance Are There? 

There are two types of wedding insurance: 

  • Liability Coverage 
  • Cancellation Coverage  

You can always buy both liability and cancellation coverage in a bundle. Ask your vendor if they carry event liability before purchasing. 

What Wedding Insurance Covers 

Wedding event liability coverage can cover a variety of things, such as bodily injury and property damage, extreme weather, lost or stolen gifts, and wedding attire damage. You can also purchase a policy for host liquor liability insurance to cover yourself against and alcohol-related incidents that may occur.  

What’s Not Covered by Wedding Insurance? 

Wedding insurance won’t cover you in the event that you or your partner get cold feet or call off your wedding. It only covers things that are not in your control.  

 Don’t put your event at risk! Call The Insurance Outfit today to learn how to protect yourself, your Chester, NJ home, and your guests, to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch. 

3 reasons why you should keep your motorcycle insurance all year long

When those who reside in Chester, NJ and the surrounding areas visit with the experts at The Insurance Outfit, one of the primary questions that is asked will have to do with motorcycle insurance. There are many who allow themselves to believe that they do not need to keep motorcycle insurance all year long.

This is a common misconception and those who wish to learn more about the three most important reasons why motorcycle insurance should be an all year expense should take the time to read on…..

Many Policies Are Prorated

In other words, the motorcycle insurance policies that are purchased do not allow the recipient of the coverage to save money if they decide that they are going to cancel the policy once winter arrives. By the time a policyholder decides that they are going to cancel the policy, there is essentially no financial gain to be had. This is important to remember for the more frugal policyholders out there.

Additional Fees Are Required For Renewal 

Not only does the policyholder risk going without coverage when they decide to cancel a motorcycle insurance policy during the cold weather months but they are also incurring more fees. When a policy is dropped during the winter and re-added once summer arrives, the policyholder is going to have to grapple with the rewrite fee. These fees apply to anyone who was not previously insured, even if they canceled an existing policy. 

Storage Perils 

Chester, NJ motorcycle enthusiasts will want to make sure that their bike remains safe from all storage perils. The Insurance Outfit’s agents are able to provide all of the necessary assistance in this regard.

To find out more about the ins and outs of motorcycle insurance, those who reside in Chester, NJ and the surrounding areas should contact the experienced team at The Insurance Outfit to find out everything they need to know. 

What is Special Event Insurance?

Special events sprinkle our lives with wonderful memories. We often look back with nostalgia on these events, especially if we were not the one in charge of planning said event. The planning process of some of life’s most special events can feel anything but special. The word most often used is stressful. Pulling off a beautiful wedding or other big event has so many little and expensive details involved. Sometimes those details, or the entire event, does not go as planned, then what? Special event insurance was created for just these types of occasions.

What is Special Event Insurance?

Special event insurance is a short term insurance policy which can be purchased to cover special events in which you have invested money. This insurance policy will cover you in the event of unexpected circumstances such as lost deposits on services, or cancellation of the entire event. Even the most carefully and lovingly planned special event can come to a screeching halt. Although heartbreaking, at least with special event insurance it does not need to be bank account breaking. 

What Kind of Events Are Covered?

Most commonly special event insurance is used to cover weddings. Weddings are one of the most expensive types of special events planned. But in addition to weddings, it can also cover anniversary parties, baby showers, birthday parties, religious celebrations and other types of large scale events which you may want to be protected. 

Why Have Special Event Insurance?

If you are investing a large amount of money into anything, you want that investment protected. Many people invest a great deal of money into their special events each year, however, many of those events get canceled or certain aspects of the event do not happen to result in lost deposits. This type so insurance will reimburse you for your investment. 

If you would like to learn more about special event insurance please contact our friendly staff at The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ.