3 Advantages of Disability & Long term care Insurance

Illnesses, accidents, and chronic ailments can strike anyone and anytime – but how well are you prepared? Do you have enough savings to enable you to sail through a prolonged absence from your job? And even if you had savings, was the purpose for saving to take care of your medical bills? If you are worried about long-care costs when ill or disabled, disability and long-term care insurance from The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ, should be your best friend.

Here are the three advantages you accrue when you invest in this insurance policy.

Protects you when you are unable to work

When thinking about disabilities, most people think about high-risk, dangerous working conditions. However, the sad bit is that disability can arise from common factors like anxiety, diabetes, cancer, neck and back pain. Luckily, if you have long-term disability insurance, it protects you when you cannot resume work due to your disability.

Covers long-term care

If you become chronically ill, do you know how much it cost to put you in a community or nursing facility? On average, Americans spend about $140,000 on long-term care! And because most health insurance plans don’t cover long-term care, you are better off with long-term care insurance.

Peace of mind

Instead of worrying about what will happen if you are disabled or ill, invest in disability & long-term care insurance. This way, taking care of your finances when disabled is no longer your headache but that of your insurer.

Buy disability & long term care insurance in Chester, NJ

Are you looking for an insurance policy that cushions you when chronically ill or disabled? Please get in touch with The Insurance Outfit for an affordable disability & long-term care insurance plan. We will provide you with coverage that suits your budget and other insurance needs.