5 Reasons You Should Insure Your Collector’s Vehicle

Do you have a vehicle that could be described as a classic or collector’s car or truck? If this is the case, you’ll benefit from having a specialized type of insurance. Find out exactly what that means by talking to an agent at the Chester, NJ area agency, The Insurance Outfit. 

Here are reasons why you should get insurance for your collector’s vehicle. 

1. Since classic cars increase in value and other vehicles decrease in value, conventional auto insurance just won’t be enough for your collector’s vehicle. A policy that’s written specifically for such a vehicle will account for the current value of it, otherwise known as a guaranteed value. This is the amount that you and the insurance company agree on based on appraisals and valuations of your car. 

2. There is collector-specific coverage when you have a collector’s vehicle policy. It can include coverage for spare parts, auto show medical reimbursement coverage, and no attendance required, depending on what the agency offers. You also are likely to have coverage for most of what your average auto insurance policy gives you. 

3. Collector car policies usually have lower premiums than what you’d have with standard automobile insurance. This is in large part because most people drives such vehicles less often, and as a result, there is less of a risk of getting into accidents. Also, insurers assume that owners of classic vehicles take extremely good care of them. 

4. You stand a greater chance of being able to choose your own repair shop. This isn’t always the case with standard auto insurance.

5. Protect your treasured automobile with a policy that is geared towards certain events and circumstances which are associated with having a classic vehicle. You’ll be grateful that you did when you need it. 

Chester, NJ owners of collector’s vehicles will appreciate the professionalism and care that goes into the work done at The Insurance Outfit. Reach out today if you have questions or concerns.