How Often Should You Shop For New Auto Insurance?

Automobile insurance is a unique type of bill. It is one of the few bills which you incur that is required by law. Because auto insurance is required by law in most states, it is very important to shop around often to make sure you are always getting the best deal. At The Insurance Outfit, serving Chester, NJ, we don’t mind educating our clients on these important topics. Keep reading to learn how often you should shop around for the best deal on auto insurance. 


It is recommended that you begin comparing rates on auto insurance annually. Companies are always making new offers and promoting new deals. To stay on top of the best deals, you will need to check out what is available at least once a year. This is also a good idea because it gives you a chance to see how your insurance rates may change as you age and maintain a good driving record. 

After A Big Life Change

Life changes can greatly influence how much you pay for car insurance. Certain life events have a bigger impact than others. Getting married for instance can often earn you great auto insurance discounts. Buying a home is another big life change that can affect your auto insurance rates. 

As You Get Older

We don’t always love everything about getting older, but one silver lining to getting older is that car insurance rates go down to a certain point. Teen drivers experience the highest auto insurance rates, but those rates steadily go down as they age. By your mid-50s  you will see the best deals on car insurance. It is important to note that this is dependent on a good driving record as well. 

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