New Jersey Helmet Laws

When riding on a motorcycle in New Jersey, be sure you have adequate motorcycle insurance. Check your coverage with the help of an agent at The Insurance Outfit serving Chester, NJ and the surrounding area. Always wear a helmet.

New Jersey safety law requires anyone operating or riding on a motorcycle to wear a helmet that passes the certification requirement of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT standard is the minimum legal requirement; however, it is not the strictest standard. There is also a voluntary standard, used by helmet manufacturers, called the Snell standard, which is more rigorous than the DOT standard.

How are motorcycle helmets tested?

Surprisingly, the DOT certification program is done on the honor system. Each manufacturer is allowed to claim their helmet meets the DOT standard. Some spot checking occurs by the government; however, not all DOT-certified helmets are checked by a third-party testing facility.

The Snell standard is a certification that only comes after passing actual laboratory testing. In the test, the helmet, covering a head-shaped form, is dropped through guides to hit a steel anvil that has either a flat or a curved surface.

Each helmet has four impact areas tested. Then, Snell measures the severity of the impacts. Helmets that are Snell-certified are more trustworthy. All Snell helmets meet the DOT standard but not the other way around.

Safety First

Riding motorcycles is fun. Protecting your head is very important because many fatalities occur when riders have an accident and are not wearing a helmet. Moreover, if a helmet survives an accident it should be disposed of and a new one bought to replace it because it no longer has the structural integrity to provide protection.

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