Obtain Special Event Insurance for your Charity Event

Planning a Fundraising or Recognition Event

Planning a fundraising event such as a dinner, auction, or concert takes a lot of forethought, resources, and time, some of which are donated. No matter how much you plan, not every risk or scenario can be anticipated. Protect your investment by obtaining Special Event insurance from the independent agency Insurance Outfit in Chester NJ. Events being held in a hall or location owned by a third party have a certain amount of inherent risk. If the event is being held outside and/or alcohol is being served, the amount of risk associated with the event increases. Unforeseen circumstances with attendees, entertainers, venues, vendors, and weather may occur. Mishaps may happen with the tents, caterers, decorations, band, silent auction, and bar service.  These unfortunate situations may be insurable.

Insuring a Fundraising or Recognition Event

Non-profit board members, directors, employees, and volunteers all serve because they care about your cause. Don’t let your fundraising event end up costing your non-profit more than it raises. If you hold charity fundraising events or volunteer recognition celebrations in New Jersey let the insurance experts at The Insurance Outfit explain the details of Special Event insurance. Speak with one of our agents to discover what risks are covered and what risks are not. Let one of our representatives help find the best policy for you from a quality insurance carrier. Before you hold your next big event, contact The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ to discuss the best coverage option for your special event. Contact one of our experienced agents today. Call our Chester, NJ office at 908-955-7561, or visit our website at www.theinsuranceoutfit.com to connect with us online.