What is a Business Owners Policy or BOP?

New Jersey law does not require its business owners to purchase commercial property insurance, though mortgage companies often compel their clients to obtain a policy. It is compulsory under state law for many firms to have a general liability policy, depending on the field in which they are working, though it is not mandatory for all to do so. Nevertheless, many companies purchase these indemnifications for the protection that they offer. 

What Does a Business Owners Policy Entail?

A business owner policy, or BOP, will roll several commercial insurance coverages together into one, including those that pertain to both general liability and business property. BOPS are primarily purchased by smaller to mid-sized firms that face a similar degree of risk as one another, and these operations also have the option of buying these policies separately. 

Normally included in a BOP are a commercial property and its contents, and business owners can choose between a standard BOP and a ‘special’ BOP that provides more in-depth safeguards. Business interruption insurance, also a part of a BOP, can help compensate for lost income while recovering from a catastrophe, such as a fire or a storm damage, and it can extend to the costs of temporarily running your operation from a separate location.

Lastly, liability indemnification is an important instrument that can protect you in the event that your product or service causes harm to somebody else, and this can include mistakes caused by both errors and omissions.  

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The Insurance Outfit is experienced in serving clients in the Chester, NJ area and can find the right commercial insurance to suit your needs. We offer a variety of other insurance types, such as homeowners, automobile, and we welcome you to contact us to learn about the services we provide. 

Life Insurance and Retirement: Is it Necessary?

You may have carried a term life insurance policy while you were working and let it expire once you retired from your job in the Chester, NJ area. You may still want to have this extra layer of protection, even if it seems like your 401K, investments, and social security would see you through. The Insurance Outfit offers up these reasons why buying a new policy could be right for you.

Secure Your Spouse’s Comfort and Future

If one spouse dies just a few years into retirement, the other partner may be looking at 20 years of living on what is left in the estate. A life insurance policy can provide an extra infusion of cash that could help defray the cost of assisted living care or extreme medical costs. Your spouse will be relieved of that additional worry.

Retirement Ate Up Your Estate: Leaving Something for the Kids

You always wanted to leave something behind to help the next generation along, but in all reality, the cost of living has left nothing extra in your accounts. Picking up a life insurance policy allows you to keep that promise to yourself and your grandkids.

Are You Still Paying a Mortgage and Car Payments?

The daily price of living continues to rise and will for the next decade or two of your retirement. There will be new cars, perhaps a reverse mortgage, repairs to the house, and medical expenses. It is only responsible to make sure that the spouse that is left behind is able to rise above the rate of inflation and be able to continue to care for themselves in comfort.

If you think buying a new life insurance policy is the right thing for your retirement in the Chester, NJ area, give your agent at the Insurance Outfit a call today.



Buying a New Home Soon? Here’s Why You Need Home Insurance

Purchasing an ideal living space is always a significant investment. As such, it is vital to cushion yourself financially from unforeseen events that may render your home inhabitable. Here are other reasons why you should consider investing in a home insurance policy. 

It protects more than your home
A home insurance policy protects more than the structure of your house. For instance, a general liability policy protects you from claims that may be imposed upon you should an accident happen within your property. It also covers the cost of repairing someone else’s property should you or your family member accidentally damage it. Depending on the policy you take, the insurance company could also replace personal belongings such as electronics or furniture that are damaged or stolen. 

It covers your living expenses should an insured event render it inhabitable 
Calamities such as hurricanes and floods may force you out of your home. A comprehensive insurance policy will cover the cost of living in a home or motel until your home is restored. However, make sure you understand the extent to which the insurance company is willing to cover your expenses. 

An insurance policy is necessary in case of a mortgage
Mortgage companies will ask you to provide proof that your home is insured before refinancing your mortgage. Most lenders want to be assured that their financial investment on your property is protected in the event of damages.  

There are various types of home insurance coverage options that are tailored to cover different needs. Should you need to learn more or are interested in a home insurance policy in Chester, NJ, contact The Insurance Outfit today; we work with a team of experienced agents who will guide you on the ideal coverage options for your home. 

How to make an auto insurance claim

All drivers are potentially predisposed to getting involved in car accidents and perhaps damaging their cars. In the event that you have been involved in an accident, there are certain steps you need to take to properly file for a car insurance claim and get reimbursement from The Insurance Outfit. The types of car insurance claim you can file include property damage to the stolen car or vehicle repairs and medical expenses.

When can I file for a claim?

After a car collision in Chester NJ, you should make sure you contact our local agent as soon as possible. You can file for a claim in case your car is stolen or vandalized. You can find The Insurance Outfit’s contact details on our website or on your insurance card.

What information do I need?

You may be required to complete a sworn statement that details the events of the accident. Therefore, it is important to take photos of the auto accident scene and record any personal harm resulting from the car crash. Make sure you provide the following details when contacting your local agent or the insurance company:

  • Your name and auto insurance policy number
  • The details of your insurance policy
  • Details of the car accident
  • Details of the other drivers, passengers, and witnesses
  • The license plate numbers of all the other vehicles that were involved in the car accident

Basic steps of filing for a car insurance claim

Once you have contacted the insurance company, the claim process will follow these steps:

  • You might bring in a lawyer to help you expedite the process
  • Case assignment to a professional in our company
  • Meeting with the professional to discuss the process and coverages
  • Evaluation by your claims professional to inspect your car and examine the evidence
  • Resolution of the auto insurance claim, which includes processing appropriate compensation
  • Closing of the claim

The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ ensures that its clients get reimbursements in the event that they have been involved in car accidents. If you have been recently involved in a car crash, contact us today and our car insurance professionals will help you get appropriate compensation for damage and bodily injury.


Is Jewelry Insurance Necessary?

If you know the average cost of purchasing a valuable piece of jewelry in Chester, NJ, you understand that jewelry is one of the most expensive personal possessions anyone can own. Adding the sentimental value that’s attached to every piece of jewelry, it is financially and emotionally devastating if any of them is lost, stolen, or damaged. Many people opt to buy insurance plans that are specifically meant to cover jewelry. But, is buying jewelry insurance from an insurer like The Insurance Outfit really necessary?

What does jewelry insurance cover?

Even though the actual coverage for jewelry varies from one insurer to the other and from policy to policy, this coverage will protect you in case your jewelry is damaged or stolen. Most jewelry insurance policies fall into these two categories: unscheduled and scheduled policies. A scheduled policy covers specific pieces of jewelry that are specifically listed in the policy. But, an unscheduled policy covers items up to a particular value, meaning that you don’t need to list all the individual pieces you own.

Since jewelry insurance covers loss, damage, or theft of jewelry, your insurer will list all the terms in the policy document. Ensure you read your contract carefully and ask for clarification from your agent if you don’t understand some clauses. For instance, some policies can cover your ring if the prong breaks but you have to prove that the damage was accidental and not due to negligence (wearing the ring at the gym or doing heavy activities).

It’s evident that jewelry insurance is essential because it will protect you when you lose or damage your valuables. For more information about ensuring your jewelry in Chester, NJ, consider contacting The Insurance Outfit. We will help you understand why jewelry insurance is necessary and offer more information on your policy to avoid heartbreaks and headaches in case something happens to your jewelry.

What is Umbrella Insurance, Exactly, and Do You Need It?

Umbrella insurance serves as a mechanism to provide additional coverage above your base policy. If you have personal or commercial insurance that offers liability coverage you are likely able to add an umbrella policy to your insurance portfolio. The Insurance Outfit located in Chester, NJ welcomes the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how the addition of an umbrella insurance policy can provide the comprehensive insurance protection that you need. 

Does it Make Sense to Add an Umbrella Insurance Policy to Your Portfolio?

One of the main reasons that clients opt to add umbrella insurance to their current group of policies is for liability protection. Once your primary policy is exhausted your umbrella policy will provide the additional coverage that you need. If you are not sure if you need a secondary policy in your insurance portfolio, a professional agent can help to answer all your questions. When you have worked hard your entire life to provide a comfortable lifestyle for your family it can be devastating to have an accident erase all that you have accumulated. If someone is injured at your home, your office, or on your boat, you can be liable for their injuries, including compensation for medical expenses as well as additional damages. Lawsuits can reverse your fortune overnight, and knowing that you have adequate coverage can significantly increase your peace of mind.

The Insurance Outfit is Here to Answer All of Your Questions about Umbrella Insurance Policies

If you want to increase your liability coverage for your home or business, we are here for you. Contact The Insurance Outfit here in the greater Chester, NJ area to schedule a consultation to review your current primary policies and see if there are any gaps in coverage.

What is special events insurance?

Special event insurance is a policy provided by Chester, NJ insurers like The Insurance Outfit and is meant to protect your investment in a specific event. It may help you take care of claims in case you are found responsible for an injury or property damage during the event, or if you have to cancel an event. 

What will special event insurance cover?

Special event insurance covers the following:

Event liability

This coverage protects you when you are found responsible for an injury or property damage caused during an event. Most venues will require you to have this coverage. For instance, if the band you hire causes damages with their gear on a wall, this coverage can help pay for the repair expenses. Some policies also cover any incidents that your visitors or guests may cause. So, if one of your guests gets wild while dancing and trips on a waiter who was walking by, the coverage can pay for medical expenses that resulted from the injury. Be sure to read the policy that your insurer provides to know the situations it does or doesn’t cover.

Event cancelation

This insurance plan may reimburse you for any lost deposits or other fees in case something unexpected occurs and forces you to cancel or delay your function. For instance, if a photographer decides to close shop suddenly, you may be covered for the expenses of the lost deposit and other unexpected charges you may incur when you want to book another photographer. Additionally, if an officiant gets injured before your wedding, and you are forced to postpone it, this coverage may cater for expenses related to rescheduling the caterer, venue, and other vendors. Again, you must check your policy to know the situations that are or aren’t covered.

Special event insurance doesn’t always cover all events. For more information on this type of insurance, be sure to contact the Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Insurance

If you’re getting married in Chester, NJ, there’s a good chance you are very excited, nervous, and anxious all at the same time. And while there are many details that go into planning a successful wedding, one detail that often gets overlooked is wedding insurance. In fact, from day one, you need to be asking yourself whether or not investing in this type of insurance is a smart move to make. For now, let’s take a quick look at a few dos and don’ts of wedding insurance.

When Does Wedding Insurance Make Sense?

Here at The Insurance Outfit, we are all about honesty, and here’s the truth … if your wedding is costing only a few hundred dollars and there isn’t a lot of planning taking place, then buying a wedding insurance policy is likely just going to be a waste of money. Wedding insurance makes sense when there is a lot of money involved.

On the other hand, if you are spending thousands on the wedding and there is a lot of planning involved, such as partnering with caterers, getting a professional photographer, and having guests come in from different geographical locations, then a wedding insurance policy could prove to be of the utmost benefit. Let’s look at an example of when wedding insurance could pay off as a smart investment.

John and Tina are getting married and during the middle of the outdoor ceremony a gust of wind sweeps through and knocks over a heavy decoration and injures the groom. In addition, the ring boy holding the wedding rings tumbles over (he doesn’t get hurt) and the wedding rings are nowhere to be found. With wedding insurance, medical expenses and the loss of rings can be compensated for. 

If you would like to learn more about wedding insurance and whether it is a good fit for your big day, please contact The Insurance Outfit today serving the Chester, NJ area. 

Most Important Features of Motorcycle Insurance

Once you’ve found the bike of your dreams, it’s time to consider insurance options to protect you and your vehicle on the road. Whether you stay in New Jersey or travel cross country, you need the protection that motorcycle insurance has to offer. At The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ, we can advise you of the most important features of motorcycle insurance coverage so you can get just the coverage you need.

Mandatory Coverage

Liability insurance is mandatory in New Jersey as it pays for injuries and damages you cause others in an accident that’s your fault. Every state has minimum liability requirements and New Jersey is no exception. Smart riders, however, will get more than just the minimum liability coverage to protect them against lawsuits for accidents where injuries or damages exceed the minimum coverage.

Optional Coverage

There are all kinds of risks associated with motorcycle riding. Insurance electives like collision and comprehensive may not be required but can sure come in handy when you have an accident.

Collision coverage will help pay for damages to your bike if you crash into another vehicle so you don’t have to foot the bill on your own.

Comprehensive insurance protects you against theft and damage caused by inclement weather or hitting an animal while riding on New Jersey backroads.

If you’re not protected by health insurance, you can also get medical payments coverage to pay for any injuries you sustain in an accident.

By catering your motorcycle insurance to suit your needs, you can get quality insurance coverage at a price you can afford. If you take a motorcycle safety course or bundle your motorcycle insurance with a car or home insurance, you may qualify for lower insurance prices.

For help in choosing motorcycle insurance coverage that’s just right for you, contact The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ.

What Extra Commercial Insurance Should You Get?

General liability insurance will cover many things in Chester, NJ for a business, including damage to property and bodily injury claims. However, there are plenty of things not covered and extra coverage you should have, depending on your needs. An agent at The Insurance Outfit can help determine which of these policies is useful for your business.

If you have employees, whether they do physical labor or not, workers’ compensation will provide protection for those injured on the job.

Professional liability insurance will protect those who have service-based businesses, like lawyers, accountants or consultants. This protects the business from any damages that occur when there is a failure to properly render these services.

Property insurance will cover the business, equipment, inventory, and furniture in the event of a fire or storm. This is good whether a business owns or leases their space. However, it won’t cover floods or earthquakes.

Directors and Officers Insurance will protect the directors and officers of the company against actions that affect the profitability of a company. If a director or officer is named in a lawsuit due to their actions on the job, this insurance will help cover the costs and any damages that may result.

For businesses that store any sensitive information or information the public shouldn’t know, a data breach policy will provide protection against those losses.

Commercial auto insurance will protect company vehicles that either carry employees, products, or equipment.

Product liability insurance will help protect businesses that sell products to the general market. If the business is in a lawsuit due to damages caused by products, this insurance will help protect them.

Home-based businesses will need to add additional coverage since their home insurance coverage doesn’t provide adequate protection like commercial insurance does.

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