What is Umbrella Insurance, Exactly, and Do You Need It?

Umbrella insurance serves as a mechanism to provide additional coverage above your base policy. If you have personal or commercial insurance that offers liability coverage you are likely able to add an umbrella policy to your insurance portfolio. The Insurance Outfit located in Chester, NJ welcomes the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how the addition of an umbrella insurance policy can provide the comprehensive insurance protection that you need. 

Does it Make Sense to Add an Umbrella Insurance Policy to Your Portfolio?

One of the main reasons that clients opt to add umbrella insurance to their current group of policies is for liability protection. Once your primary policy is exhausted your umbrella policy will provide the additional coverage that you need. If you are not sure if you need a secondary policy in your insurance portfolio, a professional agent can help to answer all your questions. When you have worked hard your entire life to provide a comfortable lifestyle for your family it can be devastating to have an accident erase all that you have accumulated. If someone is injured at your home, your office, or on your boat, you can be liable for their injuries, including compensation for medical expenses as well as additional damages. Lawsuits can reverse your fortune overnight, and knowing that you have adequate coverage can significantly increase your peace of mind.

The Insurance Outfit is Here to Answer All of Your Questions about Umbrella Insurance Policies

If you want to increase your liability coverage for your home or business, we are here for you. Contact The Insurance Outfit here in the greater Chester, NJ area to schedule a consultation to review your current primary policies and see if there are any gaps in coverage.

What is special events insurance?

Special event insurance is a policy provided by Chester, NJ insurers like The Insurance Outfit and is meant to protect your investment in a specific event. It may help you take care of claims in case you are found responsible for an injury or property damage during the event, or if you have to cancel an event. 

What will special event insurance cover?

Special event insurance covers the following:

Event liability

This coverage protects you when you are found responsible for an injury or property damage caused during an event. Most venues will require you to have this coverage. For instance, if the band you hire causes damages with their gear on a wall, this coverage can help pay for the repair expenses. Some policies also cover any incidents that your visitors or guests may cause. So, if one of your guests gets wild while dancing and trips on a waiter who was walking by, the coverage can pay for medical expenses that resulted from the injury. Be sure to read the policy that your insurer provides to know the situations it does or doesn’t cover.

Event cancelation

This insurance plan may reimburse you for any lost deposits or other fees in case something unexpected occurs and forces you to cancel or delay your function. For instance, if a photographer decides to close shop suddenly, you may be covered for the expenses of the lost deposit and other unexpected charges you may incur when you want to book another photographer. Additionally, if an officiant gets injured before your wedding, and you are forced to postpone it, this coverage may cater for expenses related to rescheduling the caterer, venue, and other vendors. Again, you must check your policy to know the situations that are or aren’t covered.

Special event insurance doesn’t always cover all events. For more information on this type of insurance, be sure to contact the Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Insurance

If you’re getting married in Chester, NJ, there’s a good chance you are very excited, nervous, and anxious all at the same time. And while there are many details that go into planning a successful wedding, one detail that often gets overlooked is wedding insurance. In fact, from day one, you need to be asking yourself whether or not investing in this type of insurance is a smart move to make. For now, let’s take a quick look at a few dos and don’ts of wedding insurance.

When Does Wedding Insurance Make Sense?

Here at The Insurance Outfit, we are all about honesty, and here’s the truth … if your wedding is costing only a few hundred dollars and there isn’t a lot of planning taking place, then buying a wedding insurance policy is likely just going to be a waste of money. Wedding insurance makes sense when there is a lot of money involved.

On the other hand, if you are spending thousands on the wedding and there is a lot of planning involved, such as partnering with caterers, getting a professional photographer, and having guests come in from different geographical locations, then a wedding insurance policy could prove to be of the utmost benefit. Let’s look at an example of when wedding insurance could pay off as a smart investment.

John and Tina are getting married and during the middle of the outdoor ceremony a gust of wind sweeps through and knocks over a heavy decoration and injures the groom. In addition, the ring boy holding the wedding rings tumbles over (he doesn’t get hurt) and the wedding rings are nowhere to be found. With wedding insurance, medical expenses and the loss of rings can be compensated for. 

If you would like to learn more about wedding insurance and whether it is a good fit for your big day, please contact The Insurance Outfit today serving the Chester, NJ area. 

Most Important Features of Motorcycle Insurance

Once you’ve found the bike of your dreams, it’s time to consider insurance options to protect you and your vehicle on the road. Whether you stay in New Jersey or travel cross country, you need the protection that motorcycle insurance has to offer. At The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ, we can advise you of the most important features of motorcycle insurance coverage so you can get just the coverage you need.

Mandatory Coverage

Liability insurance is mandatory in New Jersey as it pays for injuries and damages you cause others in an accident that’s your fault. Every state has minimum liability requirements and New Jersey is no exception. Smart riders, however, will get more than just the minimum liability coverage to protect them against lawsuits for accidents where injuries or damages exceed the minimum coverage.

Optional Coverage

There are all kinds of risks associated with motorcycle riding. Insurance electives like collision and comprehensive may not be required but can sure come in handy when you have an accident.

Collision coverage will help pay for damages to your bike if you crash into another vehicle so you don’t have to foot the bill on your own.

Comprehensive insurance protects you against theft and damage caused by inclement weather or hitting an animal while riding on New Jersey backroads.

If you’re not protected by health insurance, you can also get medical payments coverage to pay for any injuries you sustain in an accident.

By catering your motorcycle insurance to suit your needs, you can get quality insurance coverage at a price you can afford. If you take a motorcycle safety course or bundle your motorcycle insurance with a car or home insurance, you may qualify for lower insurance prices.

For help in choosing motorcycle insurance coverage that’s just right for you, contact The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ.

What Extra Commercial Insurance Should You Get?

General liability insurance will cover many things in Chester, NJ for a business, including damage to property and bodily injury claims. However, there are plenty of things not covered and extra coverage you should have, depending on your needs. An agent at The Insurance Outfit can help determine which of these policies is useful for your business.

If you have employees, whether they do physical labor or not, workers’ compensation will provide protection for those injured on the job.

Professional liability insurance will protect those who have service-based businesses, like lawyers, accountants or consultants. This protects the business from any damages that occur when there is a failure to properly render these services.

Property insurance will cover the business, equipment, inventory, and furniture in the event of a fire or storm. This is good whether a business owns or leases their space. However, it won’t cover floods or earthquakes.

Directors and Officers Insurance will protect the directors and officers of the company against actions that affect the profitability of a company. If a director or officer is named in a lawsuit due to their actions on the job, this insurance will help cover the costs and any damages that may result.

For businesses that store any sensitive information or information the public shouldn’t know, a data breach policy will provide protection against those losses.

Commercial auto insurance will protect company vehicles that either carry employees, products, or equipment.

Product liability insurance will help protect businesses that sell products to the general market. If the business is in a lawsuit due to damages caused by products, this insurance will help protect them.

Home-based businesses will need to add additional coverage since their home insurance coverage doesn’t provide adequate protection like commercial insurance does.

Contact The Insurance Outfit serving Chester, NJ to get a quote on commercial insurance.



What Is A Partial Helmet Law?

Motorcycle owners who live in the Chester, NJ area can call The Insurance Outfit if they have questions about helmet laws in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey has a partial helmet law that pertains to individuals 20 years of age and older. Individuals who are over the age of 20 and carry their motorcycle endorsement are able to ride without a helmet, while passengers or operators who are under the age of 20 who are still riding on a permit must wear a DOT certified helmet.

Universal Helmet Laws

19 states in the U.S. carry a Universal Helmet Law which states that all riders, no matter what their age or skill level, are required to wear a DOT-certified motorcycle helmet. Helmets must be worn at all times while the motorcycle is being operated on the roads and highways. DOT-certified helmets are recognized by the sticker on the center back of the helmet that is clearly identified by the letters DOT.

Partial Helmet Laws

A Partial Helmet Laws allow for certain motorcyclists to ride without helmets if they meet the state’s eligibility requirements. There are currently 28 states that have a Partial Helmet Law in place. Partial Helmet Laws have helped to reduce the number of fatalities associated with motorcycle crashes in the state of New Jersey and other areas of the United States.

The agents at The Insurance Outfit can answer questions pertaining to both Universal and Partial Helmet Laws in the state of New Jersey. Residents who live in or near Chester, NJ are encouraged to call and schedule an appointment with an agent as soon as possible if they have any questions concerning motorcycle insurance. They can also provide answers about helmet usage as well.


Why is RV Insurance Important?

One of the best ways to explore and experience the country is by buying an RV and touring the country by land.  While an RV is often considered a recreational vehicle as opposed to a primary mode of transportation, it is also a valuable asset.  Since an RV is such an important and expensive asset, those that are in the Chester, NJ area need to make sure they have the right insurance in place.  Having a quality RV insurance policy in place is important for a variety of different reasons.  

Protects Your Asset

One of the main reasons why you should have an RV insurance policy in place is that it will protect your valuable asset.  An RV can be a very expensive item to buy.  Because of this, you need to make sure that your investment is covered.  When you get a full RV insurance policy you will receive coverage for a variety of losses including accidents, theft, vandalism, and other issues that could be stressful and cost you a lot of money otherwise.  

Required by Law

If you are looking to take your RV out on the road, you will be required by law to carry RV insurance.  In New Jersey, you will be required to carry an RV insurance policy that provides liability protection and coverage for both bodily injury and personal property costs.  

Since RV insurance is so important, making sure you have the right policy is a good idea.  For those that are in the Chester, NJ area, contacting The Insurance Outfit for your RV insurance needs would be a great option. The Insurance Outfit will be able to help you better understand your needs and make sure you get into a great policy that provides the right coverage.  

When is Collector Car Insurance Needed?

Owning a classic or collectors car is a dream for many people.  While many car lovers have a dream car in mind that they would like to own one day for fun, owning a classic car can also be a great investment.  Collector cars that are properly cared for can appreciate in value and prove to be the great purchase and investment options.  To ensure that their collector car is properly protected, those that are in the Chester, NJ area will need to have a quality collector car insurance policy.  There are several situations when having this type of insurance is needed.  

When Driving the Car

The first situation in which those in the Chester, NJ area will need to have a collector car insurance policy in place is when they are looking to drive the car as well.  While some people will never drive their collector car, others will want to take it out on the road.  Once you do start driving it, you will need to have the proper insurance policy in place.  In New Jersey, you will need to have liability insurance coverage of at least $10,000 in property damage liability and $10,000 in personal injury protection.  

Protect the Asset

When you buy a collector car, you are making a major investment.  While you can keep it up as much as possible, you are risking your entire investment if you do not have comprehensive coverage in place.  A comprehensive coverage policy will provide you with reimbursement if your car is stolen or vandalized. 

When you are looking to insure your collector car, contacting The Insurance Outfit would be a great option. The Insurance Outfit can provide you with insight to better asses and understand your collector car insurance needs to make sure you get the right type of protection.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Worth It?

Riding a motorcycle can be a very fun and exciting experience and mode of transportation.  While motorcycles are often considered recreational vehicles, they are also valuable assets that need to be properly covered by insurance.  There are several reasons why having a motorcycle insurance policy is worth the cost.  

Ensure Legal Compliance

One of the main reasons why having motorcycle insurance is important and worth it is that it will ensure you are in compliance with the law. In New Jersey, all motorcycle operators are required to carry minimum levels of liability insurance. In New Jersey, you will be required to carry minimum liability coverage of at least $10,000 per incident for property damage and bodily injury coverage of at least $10,000 per person with a $20,000 per incident cap.  

Covers Your Asset

Another reason why you will want to have motorcycle insurance in place in New Jersey is that it will provide you with coverage for your asset. A motorcycle can be a very expensive purchase that you will want to make sure is properly covered. While collision and comprehensive insurance is not necessarily required by law, it will provide you with coverage in the event your motorcycle is damaged in an accident or is stolen or vandalized. If you have taken out a loan to buy the motorcycle, having insurance will likely be a requirement under your loan agreement. 

If you own a motorcycle in the Chester, NJ area or are considering buying one, meeting with The Insurance Outfit could be a great option.  The Insurance Outfit is a leading consumer insurance provider that can provide motorcycle insurance coverage to those in the Chester, NJ area.  The company will work with you to ensure you get the right motorcycle insurance policy for your situation.

How to Improve Your Boat Safety This Summer

When summer starts to roll around this year, it’s easy for boat enthusiasts to get excited about the warmer months. But just because you haven’t been on the water for a little while doesn’t mean that the water has gotten any safer. See how you can better your odds this year from The Insurance Outfit if you’re hoping to have a steady season without any drama. 

Plan and Plan Again 

The best way to keep yourself from a potential disaster is by putting in the time before you ever set sail — either literally or figuratively. So make sure you have your boat thoroughly checked out by an expert before taking your family out. Even brand-new boats have a tendency to atrophy when they’re not in use, so never assume that your boat is in the same shape it was when you first put it away. You should also have a set emergency plan that should be practiced at least a few times before starting the season. The more repetition, the more likely it is everyone will follow the plan, even if they’re in a panic at the time. 

Get Better Insurance 

A boat is a huge investment for anyone in Chester, NJ, so it helps to have the proper amount of coverage before doing anything else. From liability claims to general scrapes and dents to criminal activity, there’s no need to take a chance on either your life or your property. If it’s important to you to keep your boat in tip-top shape, it’s time to give The Insurance Outfit a call for additional information on a policy that works for you. We can help the people of Chester, NJ keep their boats safe whether it’s on the water, in the dock, or in dry storage.