Who should get ATV insurance?

When you are in the Chester, NJ area, you are going to have access to a lot of open parks and trails that can keep you active and allow you to enjoy the outdoors. When you are going to live in this area and want to be able to enjoy the area as much as possible, it would be a good idea to get an ATV. If you do get an ATV, you should also consider your insurance needs for the asset. There are several situations when someone should get ATV insurance for it.

When Wanting Liability Protection

A common situation when someone should get ATV insurance is when they want liability coverage. If you are going to operate an ATV, you will always run the risk of being at fault during a collision. If this occurs, you will need to cover all damages. With proper insurance, you can receive insurance to offset this risk.

When Taking Out Financing 

Some may choose to finance their ATV with a loan. If this is the case for you and your situation, you will have to understand your insurance needs. In many cases, you will have to take out an insurance policy that will fully protect your ATV until the loan is paid off. 

As you start shopping for an ATV insurance policy in this Chester, NJ area, you should make sure that you get proper guidance and support. The team at The Insurance Outfit can help you pick a policy that will give you the right coverage. If you do call The Insurance Outfit, you will get to learn more about this unique form of coverage. This will help to ensure that you can choose a policy that will allow you to remain covered at all times.

Reasons to Update Your RV Policy

Once you purchase your RV insurance from The Insurance Outfit, you might think you are done and your RV has all the protection in needs in and around Chester, NJ. You do need to make time annually for coverage reviews or policy updates. 

You also need to review your coverage when you have remodeled or renovated your RV or replaced its appliances. When you review it, do so with your insurance agent. You need to update your policy to cover the renovations. Significant engine or bodywork also provides a reason to update coverage.

Without this update, you only have your existing coverage. That means if you incurred damage during an accident or from a named peril, you would only get a payout that reflected the original value of the RV. This could be at actual cash value or agreed-upon value. By undergoing the insurance review, you can update the amount of your coverage so you do not lose the money you invested in upgrading your RV.

The additional coverage will increase your monthly premium, but it also ensures you would be able to replace the RV with one just as nice. Your updated appliances do not usually count as personal property in an RV policy. Personal property refers to your luggage,  laptop, tablet, camera, etc. Personal property refers to the things you bring with you on a trip not already installed in the RV.

Whether you are considering renovating your RV or you already did, contact The Insurance Outfit for a policy review. We serve the Chester, NJ area with knowledgeable insurance agents who can help you protect your investment.

Exploring The Benefits Of Wedding Insurance

The Insurance Outfit serves the Chester, NJ community, as well as the surrounding areas by providing residents with the insurance coverage they need to meet life’s challenges. We want to simplify the process of searching for insurance for our clients. As an independent insurance agency, we work closely with multiple carriers on the East Coast.

Wedding Insurance

Planning a wedding should be one of the most exciting times in your life. Wedding insurance is another asset to help ensure that your big day runs as smoothly as possible. The policy covers you if unforeseen circumstances cause you to cancel the event. Accidents or miscommunication can occur at any moment. Perhaps there is an issue with the wedding gown or tuxedo and you have to postpone things. Maybe the place in Chester, NJ where you planned to have the wedding reception is experiencing difficulties. Wedding insurance provides comfort as you deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Liability coverage is another part of the policy. As your wedding will likely be a fairly large gathering, liability insurance is important. While the risks are minimal, there are still some risks involved whenever a lot of people gather in one place. Liability coverage protects you if someone gets injured while attending your wedding or if you or someone else damages or vandalizes the building that is hosting your wedding. Liability coverage is especially important if you plan to serve alcohol at your wedding. You will also be covered if your wedding gifts are stolen or vandalized.

Also, keep in mind that once you decide to cancel the wedding, the policy will acknowledge this as your final decision. You will be covered if you plan to change your mind in a day or two. Think carefully before making a decision.

The Insurance Outfit Will Help You Prepare For Your Big Day

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Exploring The Benefits Of Collectors Vehicle Insurance

Based in Chester, NJ, The Insurance Outfit provides different types of insurance coverage to the community. We strive to treat our clients like family. As an independent agency, we have positive relationships with several carriers throughout the Northeast.

The Benefits Of Collectors Vehicle Insurance

Your collector’s vehicle is one of your most prized possessions. Collector’s vehicle insurance gives you the opportunity to protect your investment. The policy covers your vehicle if you are involved in an accident or someone tries to steal or vandalize your vehicle.

While you are researching policies, be sure to have your vehicle appraised in order to determine its true value. Collector’s vehicles are normally around 20 years old. Collector vehicles often come in a number of different styles; such as muscle cars, antiques, convertibles, and foreign models. Another thing that makes these types of vehicles so valuable is because they have low mileage. In order for your vehicle to maintain its collector’s status, you should only drive your vehicle around Chester NJ on special occasions.

The terms of your policy will likely outline the number of miles that you are allowed to drive your collector’s vehicle during a calendar year. This should help keep your vehicle in optimal condition. If you choose to make some changes to your vehicle, you can amend your policy to cover the added accessories and extra parts on your vehicle.

As you will only be driving your collector’s vehicle periodically, it is important that you store your vehicle somewhere secure. If you plan to store your collector’s vehicle at your residence, you will be covered. However, if you prefer to store your vehicle at a storage facility, make sure that you amend your policy in order to protect your vehicle.

The Insurance Outfit Will Help You Protect Your Investment

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A Thorough Overview Of Special Events Insurance

The Insurance Outfit serves the Chester, NJ community by offering residents different insurance policies. We strive to help our clients find coverage so that they will be protected regardless of the obstacles that life throws at them. As an independent agency, we will help you evaluate your options and find a policy that suits your needs.

Special Events Insurance Overview

If you are planning to celebrate a special occasion with a unique event in Chester, NJ, special events insurance will help protect you during the process. Some of the common events covered under the policy include car shows, festivals, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, and conventions. The policy covers you if unfortunate circumstances cause you to cancel or postpone the event. If the circumstances are out of your control, such as a vendor being unable to attend, you will be covered. Make sure that you carefully research each policy.

The policy also includes liability protection so that you will be covered if someone gets injured or if the venue is damaged by one of the guests. The policy protects you if you are held liable for the repairs.

The type of policy that you need may differ based on the type of special event that you are hosting. Consider the number of people that you estimate are going to attend. You will also have to think about the length of the event. Your policy may differ if you are holding a two day special event compared to a weeklong event. If you plan to host the event at multiple venues, you may have to add extra coverage.

The Insurance Outfit Will Help You Cover Your Event

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When to Buy Extra Motorcycle Insurance

Buying extra motorcycle insurance might not be the first item on your today list in Chester, NJ, but it can help to reexamine your policy from time to time. The Insurance Outfit wants you to know when it’s time to get a little more coverage. 

When Your Habits Change 

If you used to live somewhere with a garage, your level of risk goes up if you move somewhere that doesn’t have one. If you’ve started using motorcycle more because you’ve gotten rid of your primary vehicle, then this is also something that will increase your risk. You need to let your insurance carrier know when these things occur, so they can help you assess the changes and update your policy. 

When You’re Visiting the Aftermarket More

Aftermarket parts can transform your motorcycle into everything that you’ve ever wanted it to be. But all those changes add up over time, and an insurance carrier might not cover those parts of you haven’t told them about it.

When You Want to Feel Safer 

A motorcycle might be a straight path to freedom, but it’s also not nearly as practical as a four-sided vehicle. If you want all your ducks in a row, you need a policy that’s going to be there for you through thick and thin in Chester, NJ. There are just too many unknowns on the roads in New Jersey and beyond to take that chance. 

If you want to know more about you can get a policy that is tailor-made to the way you live your life, The Insurance Outfit is here to be of service. We want all motorcycle owners in Chester to have someone to call upon should the worst occur, so give us a call today to learn more about our coverage options. 

What is included with boat insurance in Chester?

The Chester, NJ area is a great place for anyone to live. This has reasonable proximity to several large cities but also offers many local amenities. For those that live in the Chester area, having access to a variety of different waterways is a huge advantage. If you do choose to purchase a boat in this area to take advantage of all the recreational options, you should get boat insurance. There are several forms of coverage that are included with a boat insurance policy.

Liability Coverage

If you are going to get a boat insurance policy, one valuable form of coverage will be your liability protection. If you choose to buy a boat, you will want to make sure that you are covered if you happen to cause an accident. With a boat insurance policy, you will receive the liability protection and coverage you need to provide you with coverage and peace of mind. 

Coverage for Boat

Another benefit of getting boat insurance is that you will get coverage for your boat. A boat can be a rather large purchase and investment and you will want to ensure that it is as well covered as possible. With a full collision and comprehensive policy, you will be protected against a variety of risks including theft or accident damage. Any boat lender will require you to carry this as well. 

When you are looking for a boat or boat insurance in Chester, NJ you should make sure that you speak with someone that you can trust. The team at The Insurance Outfit is a great resource for all of your boat insurance needs. When you work with The Insurance Outfit, you can be assured that your questions will be answered and that you will get into a quality policy. 

Why Small Business Owners Need an Umbrella Policy

Owning a business is definitely a freeing and exciting enterprise for most people. However, what many entrepreneurs don’t realize is that a lot of their small business risk and liability has the potential to carry over into their personal financial lives. That’s why having an umbrella policy from the Insurance Outfit is so important. Keep reading to learn more.

Owning a Small Business in New Jersey Leaves You Open to Risk

Whether you own a restaurant, store, or something else in Chester, NJ, you’ll want to consider the liability risk you routinely have. In some cases, this might mean a customer slipping and falling at your location and suing for injuries. Or it could be a delivery person becoming injured while at your office. There are numerous scenarios that could happen and all of them when you least expect.

An umbrella policy works like a so-called umbrella of liability over your existing policies. If your business coverage runs out and you’re faced with a lawsuit, the opposing counsel is likely to start going after your personal policies or assets. If you have an umbrella policy, you can rest assured that you’ll have more than enough coverage to handle the incident without ever dipping further into your personal bank account.

It All Comes Down to Extra Peace of Mind for Your Family

Having an umbrella policy as a small business owner all comes down to one thing: extra peace of mind for your family. If your business is ever sued or the commercial policies you have turn out to not be enough, an umbrella policy can help keep your family protected from a ruinous lawsuit or other circumstance. 

Are you ready to discuss umbrella insurance options in Chester, NJ? Please contact our team at The Insurance Outfit today for more details.

How Long Can Children Stay On Your Health Insurance in NJ?

As a parent, you know that your love for your children doesn’t cease as they age. Whether your child is still young, a teenager approaching adulthood, or they are already an adult with their own life, you care about their health and wellbeing. At The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ, we help parents across North Jersey find the health insurance solutions that work best for their family. Here’s what every parent should know when it comes to keeping their adult children on their health policy ("child" is used here to refer to the parent’s offspring regardless of age). 

Age 26 is the Cutoff

Thanks to Federal law changes enacted in 2010, parents can keep children on their health plans until the children turn 26 years old. This is the rule regardless of whether the child is married, attending school, no longer living at the same residence as their parents or no longer a dependent. Children under age 26 are also eligible even if they are also eligible for health coverage via their employer.

Now, your child’s coverage under your insurance will not immediately drop the second they turn 26. Instead, they are automatically granted a special enrollment period during which they will have time to enroll in a new health plan. The exact timeframe given for this actually depends on the plan itself and generally ranges between 30 and 120 days.

Coverage Can Be Continued (in Some Cases)

COBRA plans allow for children to extend coverage on their parent’s plan for an additional 36 months, although the terms and costs will change. New Jersey also has DU31, a law that allows eligible children to elect to remain covered on their parent’s health policy until age 31 in some cases. However, this coverage automatically ends if the child marries, becomes a parent, or moves outside of New Jersey (while not a full-time student). 

We Can Help Get Your Adult Child Covered!

Don’t wait if your child needs insurance coverage. No matter how old they are, our experienced professionals at The Insurance Outfit can provide options. Contact our Chester, NJ office today!

Who Should Have Disability & Long Term Care Insurance?

When you think of disability in Chester, NJ, the specifics of the word might not be clearly defined. This is because the word will mean different things for different people. You might think that health insurance is at the heart of disability, but the truth is a little more complicated than just having health insurance or Medicaid and calling it a day. The Insurance Outfit wants you to know more about who should have this type of insurance. 

The Nature of Disability & Long Term Care Insurance

This insurance policy is essentially available if you have a long-term condition that requires more than just medical treatments. If you can’t work, you’re going to need a way to pay for the rest of your expenses, which can be difficult during what is already a stressful time. Disability and long term care insurance is there to pick up the incidental costs of the illness, a safety net that can be invaluable toward helping you overcome your diagnosis. 

Who Should Have It?

Most people think that disability and long term care insurance is meant for older people, and there is some truth to this. However, from cancer to genetic diseases, there are a number of conditions that can occur to people of any age. It’s ultimately up to each person, but it might help to discuss the matter with a doctor or insurance agent to find out more about whether the policy is right for you. 

The people of Chester, NJ deserve to have the resources they need to deal with whatever happens to come their way. If you have questions about how a policy will function in case you need it, call The Insurance Outfit to learn more about the terms and conditions.