When You Need Disability and Long Term Care Insurance

Nearly 20% of the population is disabled in the United States. It’s reasonable to assume that none of these people thought they would be unable to work because of a disability, but it happened. The unexpected happened and it changed their lives forever. Fortunately, while you are still able-bodied, you can take measures to protect your family’s future from disability and the rising costs of long term care using insurance in Chester, NJ. 

When to Purchase Disability and Long Term Care Insurance
Insurance products are always based on calculated risks. The best time to purchase insurance is when you don’t have many risks, such as health risk, work-related risks, etc. Ultimately, you should purchase disability and long term care insurance as soon as possible, earlier would have been better. 

Purchasing these types of insurances when you are younger means you pay less for each policy because you are considered less of a risk to the insurance company. For instance, an individual who purchases their long term care and disability at 20 will likely pay less than someone who purchases their policies at the age of 40. Why? Individuals who are 40-years old face more risks. They are more likely to file a claim than an individual who is 20-years-old.

Where to Purchase Disability and Long Term Care Insurance
Like other types of insurance, our insurance companies have a plethora of options available so that you can get the disability and long term care insurance that is right for you. By speaking with one of our licensed insurance agents today, you can make an informed decision about what type of insurance and what amount of insurance is right for your family in Chester, NJ.