Reasons to Update Your RV Policy

Once you purchase your RV insurance from The Insurance Outfit, you might think you are done and your RV has all the protection in needs in and around Chester, NJ. You do need to make time annually for coverage reviews or policy updates. 

You also need to review your coverage when you have remodeled or renovated your RV or replaced its appliances. When you review it, do so with your insurance agent. You need to update your policy to cover the renovations. Significant engine or bodywork also provides a reason to update coverage.

Without this update, you only have your existing coverage. That means if you incurred damage during an accident or from a named peril, you would only get a payout that reflected the original value of the RV. This could be at actual cash value or agreed-upon value. By undergoing the insurance review, you can update the amount of your coverage so you do not lose the money you invested in upgrading your RV.

The additional coverage will increase your monthly premium, but it also ensures you would be able to replace the RV with one just as nice. Your updated appliances do not usually count as personal property in an RV policy. Personal property refers to your luggage,  laptop, tablet, camera, etc. Personal property refers to the things you bring with you on a trip not already installed in the RV.

Whether you are considering renovating your RV or you already did, contact The Insurance Outfit for a policy review. We serve the Chester, NJ area with knowledgeable insurance agents who can help you protect your investment.