Safe Driving Tips For Teen Drivers

Teen drivers are not always the safest. This is because they are so excited that they have a license that they forget all of the different rules. They may invite their friends in the car and they are showing off instead of paying attention to the road. There are some safe driving tips that you can implement in order to keep everyone safer.

Sign a Pact

Agree on some terms so that you and your teen driver are on the same page as to what is and isn’t allowed. Identify some punishments if they do not follow. Then, have them sign the pact. Various online packs are available as well, including making sure that they don’t text while driving.

Limit Night Driving

There may be state laws involving nighttime driving for teens, and this is something to be aware of. You can limit the amount of driving that they do at night as well, such as setting and 8 PM curfew.

Limit the Number of Friends

Friends can often cause trouble when they are in the front and back seat. This is because they are rambunctious and may even be adding the teen driver on to be riskier in the way that they drive. By limiting the number of friends in the car, you can keep your teen safer.

Write Out the Rules

Have the rules posted rather than simply having a conversation. Teens are not always known for their listening skills. Better yet, have your teen write out the rules so that they are more likely to remember everything that the two of you have talked about.

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