The importance of ATV Coverage

As many residents in Chester, NJ area know, having an ATV can be fun all year round. Residents may not realize how important an ATV insurance policy can be to protect you from loss. The agents at The Insurance Outfit have put together this list of important reasons to carry an ATV insurance policy. 

Coverage is critical if you take the ATV off your property.

A large mistake people make is assuming they will have coverage for the ATV under their homeowners’ insurance policy. However, coverage may be limited to when the ATV is physically on the property. Therefore, if you would like to take your ATV off your property, it is critical to have a separate policy. 

Protection in the event of an accident 

Let’s face it; accidents can happen even with the most experienced ATV drivers. You would not drive a car if you did not have insurance, so why do so with an ATV? An ATV policy will protect you if you are held liable for injuring a third party and provides collision coverage for physical damage. 

Protection from theft 

Unfortunately, theft of ATVs happens all too often. However, an ATV policy will protect you in the event your ATV is stolen. In addition, the policy will also provide protection in the event of vandalism. 

Equipment protection 

As ATV riders know, the equipment needed to keep you safe and warm on the trails can be expensive. An ATV policy will help with the financial cost in the event you need to replace your helmet, boots, and other equipment if they are damaged while riding your ATV. 

If you would like to learn more about ATV insurance and live in the Chester, NJ area, reach out to The Insurance Outfit today. We would be happy to answer all of your questions.