Understanding RV Insurance and Personal Property Coverage

When you set out on the road with your recreational vehicle (RV), it’s not just your RV that should be insured. You’ll want to ensure your RV’s possessions are also covered. Here’s how you might go about insuring the items in an RV.

Is Homeowners Insurance Enough?

Many Front Chester, NJ residents’ homeowner’s insurance policy includes personal property coverage. A homeowners policy’s personal property coverage often extends protection beyond a house’s location, but not all policies do.

If your policy includes personal property with “worldwide coverage,” you likely already have protection for the belongings in your RV. Worldwide coverage typically extends to anywhere in Front Chester, NJ, or elsewhere in the United States or Canada, where you might take your RV.

We at The Insurance Outfit can help you check whether your homeowner’s policy’s personal property coverage extends beyond the location of your house.

When to Consider Additional RV Insurance

If your current homeowner’s policy doesn’t include worldwide personal property coverage, you probably need to purchase personal property coverage through your RV insurance policy. It’s usually easy to add personal property onto an RV insurance policy, and doing so will normally protect whatever you keep inside of your RV.

Of course, we at The Insurance Outfit can assist with adding personal property coverage to an RV insurance policy and review any other coverages that might be important to you.

Get the RV Insurance You Need

Before you go on a road trip this season, contact us to speak with an agent about your RV insurance. One of our agents will work closely with you to make sure your belongings, your RV, and even you are properly insured when traveling.