What Is the Difference Between Collector’s Car Insurance and Standard Car Insurance?

There is something special about owning an older vehicle, one that perhaps you’ve always wanted to buy or one passed down in your family. Insuring it is critical. At The Insurance Outfit, we offer collector’s car insurance in Chester, NJ, which is designed to protect this investment for what it is. That is quite different from a standard insurance policy.

Key Differences to Keep in Mind

When choosing collector’s car insurance, know the goal is different here. Even if you do not drive the car, it has worth, and protecting that worth as it increases year-over-year is critical. Collector’s insurance helps you do that by protecting it from risks like fires, theft, and accidents. These cars are often more expensive to repair because parts are not as readily available. At the same time, if you are not driving it and storing it properly, it will be less of a risk. 

The main difference between standard car insurance and collector’s car insurance is protecting your car from the risks it faces. We customize the policy based on the current and expected value of the car and then work with you to ensure that, if there is a claim, we can compensate you fairly for it. You need a policy that represents the actual value of the car, especially if your vehicle is growing in value each year.

Get a Specialized Quote for Your Car

The right car insurance is critical whether you have a very old vehicle or one that was custom-designed for you. Our team at The Insurance Outfit helps Chester, NJ, property owners create comprehensive coverage designed to meet their car’s specific needs. Contact us for a quote you can rely on.