What Types of Auto Insurance Are There?

Auto insurance is as varied as the different makes and models of cars that it covers. For those that want to insure their car or are just curious about what different types of auto insurance there are, the helpful and skilled agents with The Insurance Outfit in the Chester, NJ can help.

Liability Coverage

The first type is liability coverage. This is going to be the minimum required by law. The monetary amount of coverage that is required may vary from locality to locality so you should talk to your agent about what is required. Liability is going to cover the cost of deductibles and some medical bills for both the driver and the person that is involved in the wreck.

Full Coverage

Full coverage is going to be required if you have a car that has a loan or lien out against the value to help protect the interest of the bank or lender. It is going to cover most medical bills and most of the fees and other bills that are associated with the wreck. It is also going to cover the cost of replacing or repairing the car.

Collectors or Antique Insurance

This is for collectors cars or those cars that are not necessarily daily drivers. It covers things like damage that occurs to the car, the cost of replacing or repairing with like parts, and so on. This is going to be necessary for those that have collector cars and is not necessary for those that just have normal cars.

No matter what type of car you own, insurance is something that everyone has to have if they intend to drive on the road. You should take the time to talk with the agents at The Insurance Outfit if you live in the Chester, NJ area to find out what coverage you need.