Why Does Your Zip Code Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

When you are pricing out new insurance policies, you are asked what zip code the car is housed or garaged in. If you play around, you may find that the prices you are quoted change based on the zip code you put in. This may leave you wondering why the zip code has such a major effect on your auto insurance price. Here is some information you should know.

Auto insurance providers obtain a lot of information about your risk levels and then use that information to provide you with a car insurance quote. If you live in a zip code where a number of car accidents happen, your car insurance will be higher than someone who houses their car in a zip code with fewer car accidents. This is because statistically speaking, you are less likely to be involved in an accident in this zip code. Likewise, an insurance company takes into account the number of car thefts in a particular zip code, and what type of car is most commonly stolen. If you have a car that is typically stolen in a certain zip code, your insurance will be higher because there is more risk your car will be stolen and your auto insurance company will have to pay out on your auto insurance policy. As such, the zip code where your car is housed is extremely important in determining what your auto insurance rates will be.

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