3 Reasons Why You Should Have Comprehensive Coverage On Your Boat

Comprehensive coverage is often identified as optional when you get an insurance policy on your boat. Unless your lien holder requires it, such as if you have a loan, it is up to you whether it gets added or not. Although it can increase your premium, there are a number of reasons to add it to your policy in Chester, NJ.

At The Insurance Outfit, we have helped many boat owners get the coverage they need so that it’s easier to file a claim if something happens.

Cover Cracked Windshields

You could be driving along when a rock hits your windshield. Next thing you know, there’s a huge divot in the glass or a large crack. Rather than paying to replace the windshield on your own, you can call your insurance company to file a claim.

Damage at the Dock

If someone damages your boat, whether it’s in the water or in a dry dock, you want to have the coverage in place to get it repaired. Unfortunately, your standard liability coverage would not protect you. With comprehensive coverage in place, you can file a claim with confidence knowing that you don’t have to pay for your boat to be repaired. The only thing you would be financially responsible for is the deductible.

Take Care of Weather Damage

A hail storm in New Jersey can happen at any time, especially during the winter months. Hail can leave dings in the frame of your boat. You may also experience damage on the water as a result of big waves. If this happens, you want to know that you can bring your boat into a body shop for the necessary repairs.

Ultimately, comprehensive coverage protects you against of the things that are out of your control. You never know what could happen on the water in Chester, NJ. As such, you want a policy that will protect you. Contact us at The Insurance Outfit today to let us help you build a policy and get a competitive quote.