How Umbrella Insurance Protects Your Upscale Lifestyle

You have worked hard to build a comfortable life in the Chester, NJ area. You saved and invested and even bought your dream car. At The Insurance Outfit, we would like to remind you that others might be jealous of your success.  Umbrella Insurance can even the playing field when there is an accident and you are found liable. Let’s find out how.

A Nice Car Makes You a Target

In a fender bender, if the driver at fault is driving a small car with a ding or two in the paint, the injured party is likely to take the insurance payout and move on.  They think there is nothing to be had from chasing down more cash. However, if it was a BMW or Cadillac involved, they are more likely to hire a lawyer in hopes of squeezing a few extra dollars out of the system. 

Umbrella Insurance Covers the Gap

While your home or auto insurance does cover liability up to a certain point, if the damage goes beyond the usual maximums, you could be left to pay for a lifetime of physical therapy or rehab for the injured party. That can cause you to lose your savings, the summer cottage, or the boat. If you have umbrella insurance, it could take care of the entire bill while you maintain everything you have built.

Minimize the Impact on Your Life and Move On

An umbrella insurance policy allows you to adequately take care of the injured party. Meanwhile, you can continue to focus on your business, taking care of the kids, and looking forward to a comfortable retirement. Ultimately, this is insurance that protects your peace of mind. After all, when you have more, there is much more available to lose.

If you think that umbrella insurance, a surprisingly affordable option, may be right for your Chester, NJ area lifestyle, give us a call at The Insurance Outfit today.