Are collectors’ vehicle insurance and classic car insurance the same thing?

When you visit The Insurance Outfit serving Chester, NJ to purchase collector’s vehicle insurance, we want you to understand that it refers to the same type of auto policy as classic car insurance. The policy also extends to kit cars and exotic cars. When you read a reference to exotic car insurance or antique vehicle insurance, it refers to the same type of policy.

How Does Collector’s Vehicle Insurance Differ?

Collector’s vehicle insurance covers the same items as regular auto coverage. Still, it limits the mileage you can drive the vehicle to about one-tenth of the average driver in the US annually. You can drive your collector’s car for 1,200 miles; for the rest of the year, it needs to remain in the garage, protected from perils and the weather.

With this auto coverage, you agree to only drive your vehicle for special occasions such as car shows and parades. If you want to use your collector’s vehicle as an everyday vehicle, you need to insure it with regular auto insurance.

What Qualifies as a Collector’s Vehicle?

When you purchase an exotic like a Lamborghini Countach, you purchase a collector’s vehicle. The same applies if you purchase a classic car, a vehicle at least 20 years old, an antique car, a vehicle at least 45 years old, or a vintage car, a vehicle constructed between 1919 and 1930. Any of these vehicles, including a vehicle you built from an auto kit, qualify as a collector’s vehicle.

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