Reasons to Update Your Motorcycle Coverage

Tooling around Chester, NJ, and the surrounding areas on your chopper provides a gorgeous view of the Garden state. It would help if you carried the proper insurance to protect yourself and your investment in your motorcycle.

You probably also purchased your motorcycle insurance from The Insurance Outfit when you purchased your bike. You love your bike, so you obtained full coverage.

Did you know that if you upgraded your bike since that time, you needed to update your motorcycle coverage?

That’s because upgrading your bike increases its value. Your insurance coverage uses the value at which you purchased the bike, though.

Whether you had a custom paint job done or switched the OEM handlebars for aftermarket ones costing much more, you’ve increased the motorcycle’s value, so you need to do the same on your insurance.

The alternative option of losing money if you incur an accident probably doesn’t thrill you. You see, your insurance coverage has a limit. The policy reflects this dollar amount, which we base on the bike’s value at the time you insure it.

If you have an accident, although you bought a full-coverage policy, you wouldn’t get the money to replace your motorcycle as you rode it at the time of the accident. That custom paint job and those aftermarket handlebars added to its value.

Let’s say you bought a Harley-Davidson Sportster S for $15,499. Since neither black, white, nor green appealed to you, you bought the custom paint job from a local artist. It cost you $2,000. The handlebars added $400. Without an update, your insurance check will be for $15,499.

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