Boat Insurance Tips For Safe And Secure Sailing

As a boat owner, purchasing boat insurance for your vessel is one of the best decisions you can make. This is because boat insurance is designed to address specific needs of boaters, such as litigation and investment protection. At The Insurance Outfit, we are committed to helping boat owners in Chester, NJ, protect their vessels against every risk and liability. Here are some boat insurance tips to help you sail safely and securely.

Avoid Bundling Marine Insurance into Your Homeowner’s Policy

Many boat owners opt to add their marine insurance into their homeowner’s policy because it seems cheaper and more convenient. However, you should avoid doing this because boat insurance bundled into a homeowner’s policy doesn’t provide sufficient marine coverage as you would get with stand-alone boat insurance.

Extra Coverage Is Usually Worth the Cost

Most boat insurance coverages feature several exclusions to make the policy cheaper. However, you consider adding these exclusions back to the policy and paying a higher premium. The extra coverage will come in handy if anything unfortunate happens to your vessel. Some of the exclusions you should prioritize adding back to your policy are total salvage, fuel spill, boat trailer, and uninsured boater.

How to Make Your Boat Insurance Cheaper

Most insurers will offer a better rate if you satisfy certain conditions. You can make your marine insurance cheaper by maintaining a clean driving record for your car and boat and taking a boat safety course. You can also discount your insurance premium if you utilize your boat seasonally and only sail in freshwater.

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