Reasons Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

 You have probably received several recommendations about getting umbrella insurance. You have likely not gotten it yet because you don’t understand why you need it. At The Insurance Outfit, we assist residents of Chester, NJ, to understand all insurance matters and get the best policies for their needs. Umbrella insurance basically protects your assets and future earnings from being raved by expensive lawsuits. Here are reasons why you should get umbrella insurance. 

1. If You Participate in Recreational Activities that Could Injure Others

Participating in recreational activities can be fun; however, some can be dangerous. Some examples include cycling, boating, and golfing, which can cause personal injury to others in the vicinity due to accidents. Having an umbrella policy can come in handy in protecting your financial well-being when dealing with personal injury lawsuits relating to your recreational activities. 

2. You Are a Landlord

Landlords are usually held accountable for personal injury to their tenants due to falls and slips caused by icy walkways, among other things. Additionally, they are responsible in court for damage to the tenants’ property that may result from fires caused by faulty electrical wiring. An umbrella policy will ensure you (the landlord) are protected from financial ruin if these unfortunate events occur to your tenants or their property. 

3. If You Own a Dog

Although dogs are amazing pets, they are still animals and predatory by nature. Sometimes your dog can have a bad day and cause personal injury to other people. An umbrella policy will ensure that you can come out of the lawsuit that will follow mostly unscathed. 

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