Can You Insure a Piece of Jewelry While It Gets Made?

Living in Chester, NJ provides you access to some of the finest jewelry designers in nearby New York City and Atlantic City. The Insurance Outfit wants you to know about jewelry insurance, a complement to coverage that may appear in small amounts in your homeowners’ or renter’s policy. You can insure your engagement ring, wedding ring, and other pieces of fine jewelry against damage and loss. You can also ensure a piece of jewelry from its inception.

Bespoke jewelry has become popular and much more common than it was just two decades ago. Now, accessible to those earning a middle-class income, many people purchase loose stones and hire a jewelry designer to craft a custom piece.

You can insure your jewelry from the moment you purchase the loose stones. This ensures that if damaged during the jewelry-making process or lost or stolen you get reimbursed for the diamond or other gemstone.

You can purchase a policy of this type for the short term, such as the period before your wedding, or for the long-term, such as until you no longer own the piece of jewelry. The premiums for jewelry insure are typically small, but provide peace of mind.

Ask your insurance agent about getting a jewelry policy. You can easily add coverage to these policies, for instance, opening the policy when you purchase the loose stones, then adding coverage once the ring gets finished, and increasing coverage when you purchase the wedding rings. You might add coverage later when you purchase anniversary jewelry such as earrings or a necklace.

Call or visit The Insurance Outfit serving Chester, NJ to obtain a jewelry policy to cover your bespoke jewelry from the moment of the purchase of your loose gemstones.