Health Insurance Claims – Basic Guidelines

Your health insurance policy may help cover the cost of medical appointments, prescriptions, mobility aids, and personal health services. Learn how the claims process works. Then, contact an agent at The Insurance Outfit for assistance with updating your policy.


Familiarize yourself with the terms of service for your health insurance policy. The information will outline your responsibilities, including details about your copayment and the deductible. The deductible is the amount of money you will need to pay before your insurance policy pays for the expenses it covers.

Claim Form 

You will need to fill out a claim form when you file an insurance claim. Your medical provider and you will both need to sign this form. The claim form is an official document that will be reviewed by an agent who serves Chester, NJ.


After medical services are rendered, your care provider will provide you with a receipt. The receipt should indicate the services performed and the amount you have been charged. The date of the services will be printed on the receipt.

Claims Process

You will need to submit the original claim form and receipt when you file an insurance claim. These documents will prove that the services that have been rendered qualify for the claim.

Before you file the official claim, make a copy of the claim form and the receipt. Hold onto these copies. Store the copies with other important health insurance documents.

Reach out to The Insurance Outfit

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