Most Important Features of Motorcycle Insurance

Once you’ve found the bike of your dreams, it’s time to consider insurance options to protect you and your vehicle on the road. Whether you stay in New Jersey or travel cross country, you need the protection that motorcycle insurance has to offer. At The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ, we can advise you of the most important features of motorcycle insurance coverage so you can get just the coverage you need.

Mandatory Coverage

Liability insurance is mandatory in New Jersey as it pays for injuries and damages you cause others in an accident that’s your fault. Every state has minimum liability requirements and New Jersey is no exception. Smart riders, however, will get more than just the minimum liability coverage to protect them against lawsuits for accidents where injuries or damages exceed the minimum coverage.

Optional Coverage

There are all kinds of risks associated with motorcycle riding. Insurance electives like collision and comprehensive may not be required but can sure come in handy when you have an accident.

Collision coverage will help pay for damages to your bike if you crash into another vehicle so you don’t have to foot the bill on your own.

Comprehensive insurance protects you against theft and damage caused by inclement weather or hitting an animal while riding on New Jersey backroads.

If you’re not protected by health insurance, you can also get medical payments coverage to pay for any injuries you sustain in an accident.

By catering your motorcycle insurance to suit your needs, you can get quality insurance coverage at a price you can afford. If you take a motorcycle safety course or bundle your motorcycle insurance with a car or home insurance, you may qualify for lower insurance prices.

For help in choosing motorcycle insurance coverage that’s just right for you, contact The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ.