New Jersey Boat Insurance: What is Navigational Extension Coverage?

When you have a boat in New Jersey, you have to comply with maritime law, even if you don’t have boat insurance. One important component of maritime law is that you are unable to move your vessel beyond what are called navigational limits. 

That is typically approximately 250 miles from the shore from where your boat is located. In the event that you go outside of these navigational limits, you can use navigational extension coverage to cover any liabilities you might incur with that.

At The Insurance Outfit, we want Chester, NJ boat owners to be protected against every risk and liability. We can help you to understand why navigational extension coverage is important.

Navigational Extension Coverage

It happens. You are having a great time on the boat, and weather arises or you sail farther than you intended to. You could have an accident outside your limits, or get in trouble with the Coast Guard.

Navigational extension coverage helps you to understand where you can and cannot take your vessel. It will also protect you financially in the event that an accident happens. 

Navigational Limits Insurance Terms

Understanding the terms of navigational limits will help you to get the most out of your insurance policy. Most boat insurance policies will contain the terms of “port risk afloat” or “port risk ashore.”

The term afloat in your policy will mean the boat is in the water but isn’t navigating. The term ashore means that you have brought your boat in and off the water. 

If your policy only covers inland and coastal areas, you will not be permitted to go more than approximately 5 miles away from the shore. If something happens when you are farther away, your boat insurance will not cover it. 

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New Jersey boat insurance terms can seem confusing, particularly when it comes to navigation limits. At The Insurance Outfit, we want Chester, NJ boat owners to know their limits, and have coverage for them. Call us for a quote today.