New Jersey Umbrella Insurance: 3 Types of Lawsuits it Could Cover You For

When you own a home or a business in New Jersey, you expose yourself to a host of liabilities, regardless of how responsible you might be. Your general liability coverage in your home and commercial insurance policies will be a great start. However, you may want to increase your liability protection with the liability coverage known as umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance protects you from lawsuits when an accident happens, at home, on the roads, or at work. At The Insurance Outfit, we want Chester, NJ residents to be covered through every liability.

Lawsuits are one of them, and they can crop up at any time in your life. Here are 3 kinds of lawsuits umbrella insurance can help you get through.

Auto Accident Lawsuits

If you are in a car accident where you are found to be responsible, your liability insurance on your auto insurance will cover the costs of lost wages and medical costs for the other party. That happens most of the time.

But sometimes, a lawsuit happens where the costs far outweigh your auto insurance limits. Umbrella insurance can help you with that, as umbrella insurance typically has a higher coverage limit that can be over $1 million.

Accidents at Home

If you have a party and a guest falls and seriously hurts themselves, or your dog bites a stranger when you’re out for a walk, the general liability insurance on your home insurance will cover that, most of the time. Dog bite lawsuits and slip and falls are a significant problem for insurance companies, because they can be extraordinarily high, and cause serious life-changing injuries.

An umbrella insurance policy can help you here because the liability coverage on your home insurance just won’t be enough.

Defamation Lawsuits

Sometimes people say things in the heat of the moment and it turns into a defamation lawsuit. It won’t matter if you meant to say something or didn’t, if you are held liable in one, it could cost a fortune. Umbrella insurance is there for you here as well.

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If you are worried about financial losses if you were met with an unexpected lawsuit, umbrella insurance can give you some peace of mind here. At The Insurance Outfit, we want Chester, NJ residents to be covered for every potential financial loss when it comes to lawsuits. Call us for a quote today.