Safety precautions to take when boating alone

Safety precautions to take when boating alone

For most boating enthusiasts in Chester, NJ, it’s not always possible to have someone to sail with. But that doesn’t mean boating shouldn’t be fun. Boating alone requires some rigorous boating safety regimen and good seamanship. Things change quickly in water, and any slip, nearby vessel or harsh weather can send you overboard, with no one to rescue you. The insurance Outfit recommends having adequate boat insurance and skills and tools to help you stay safe. Here are some of those precautions:

Always wear a life jacket

Safety begins with small things such as wearing the right water gear. Go for a great life jacket whether boating alone or with the company, such as an automatic inflatable suspenders-style jacket, which does not interfere with your boating activities.  That means you can wear it throughout the day.

Make sure your boat is seaworthy

It’s also worth checking your boat before you begin any boating activity. Make sure it’s in tip-top condition before entering the water. Some of the areas to check include; anchor light, leaks and holes, and other boating equipment.

Always have a change of clothes and supplies onboard

You never know what could happen while you’re out there alone. In case you slip and fall into the water, your life jacket can help you get back on board, and a pair of clothes can be a lifesaver. Similarly, if something happens, maybe the weather changes, and you are unable to go back to your starting point in Chester, NJ, some food, flashlight, blankets and other supplies can be beneficial, especially if you may have to spend the night out there.

Don’t forget about boat insurance; you, your passengers, and your boat need it. If you don’t have one, our insurance agents at The Insurance Outfit can get a customized policy just for you. We are just a call away.