What Does RV Insurance Cover in New Jersey?

What better way to get to know New Jersey than from the safety and comfort of your RV? For stress free travels, visit The Insurance Outfit for RV insurance before you hit the road. Here’s what you should know about RV insurance in the Garden State. 

Required Coverage

Like most states, New Jersey requires that drivers have RV liability insurance. Liability is the coverage that pays for others’ injuries and property damage in accidents that are your fault.  RV collisions can cause a lot of damage. Your coverage should be enough to protect your assets against serious accidents you may cause.

Optional Coverage

In addition to liability, you can purchase additional coverage to protect your RV against theft and damage. This protection comes in the form of collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist (UM) coverage.

Collision coverage protects you against crashes. Comprehensive covers vehicle theft and damage caused by non-collision causes such as vandalism or inclement weather. UM coverage protects you against hit and run accidents and uninsured drivers.

Specialized RV coverage in Chester, NJ

RV drivers often face different hazards than auto drivers, especially during long-distance travel. The following specialized RV coverage is designed to protect you against these hazards.  

  • Total Replacement Cost – covers the cost of replacing your RV if it’s a total loss after an accident
  • Vacation Liability Coverage – pays for accidental injuries to people visiting your RV or campsite during your travels
  • Emergency Expense Coverage – helps pay for your hotel bills and meals while your RV is being repaired after a breakdown or accident
  • Personal Effects Protection – covers personal effects in your RV during your travels

The best RV coverage in Chester, NJ is that which protects you, others, and your costly RV against hazards at home and on the road. Contact The Insurance Outfit today for the RV policy you need.