Will ATV Insurance Cover Damages Performed Doing Stunts?

In Chester, NJ, it is unlikely that your ATV insurance provider will want to cover the damages sustained while performing stunts. For obvious reasons. Stunts invite additional danger that you’re not going to have to face with the regular operation of an ATV. Yes, ATVs are often built to withstand some degree of jumping, power sliding, and trick-riding. But if your insurer finds out that you were doing sixteen-foot leaps or trying to skim your ATV across a lake, they’re probably not going to honor your claim.

You can buy stunt insurance as Hollywood stuntmen and daredevils carry, but you can’t expect your standard ATV policy to cover you here.

That said, your insurer may be a lot more understanding than you realize. If they’re offering ATV policies, they know that you’re treating this as a recreational vehicle, that you’re probably going to go driving around dirt tracks, and may even enter some races with your ATV. You can’t expect them to cover you when you launch off a ramp through a ring of fire, but if you keep them informed on how you’re using your ATV, you may find that they are surprisingly lenient if you catch a little air here and there while dirt-roading.

Most insurers, for instance, will cover you in the event that you enter a race and get into an accident, as long as they know that you’re racing beforehand.

This is your best rule of thumb: Even if you think your insurer won’t cover you, call them beforehand and find out. Worst case scenario, they’ll tell you not to do that if you want your policy to be valid. You call your home insurer before hosting a big party, so call your ATV insurer before entering a race.

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