What Is Wedding Insurance, And Why Do I Need It?

When planning for your big day, you probably haven’t thought about wedding insurance – but, you should! You put a lot of time, effort and planning into your special day, and the small cost of wedding insurance could help prevent you from having to deal with unforeseen problems on your own. The Insurance Outfit is familiar with all the types of things that could wrong — we will have your back if something goes wrong and you’re covered. 

Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance? 

What would you do if someone was injured at your Chester, NJ home while celebrating your happy day, or your caterer failed to show? Wedding insurance is a policy that protects you from loss due to accidents or unforeseen events that cause injury or damage that prevents your wedding from happening as planned, like issues with extreme weather, a vendor, or the venue.  

What Types of Wedding Insurance Are There? 

There are two types of wedding insurance: 

  • Liability Coverage 
  • Cancellation Coverage  

You can always buy both liability and cancellation coverage in a bundle. Ask your vendor if they carry event liability before purchasing. 

What Wedding Insurance Covers 

Wedding event liability coverage can cover a variety of things, such as bodily injury and property damage, extreme weather, lost or stolen gifts, and wedding attire damage. You can also purchase a policy for host liquor liability insurance to cover yourself against and alcohol-related incidents that may occur.  

What’s Not Covered by Wedding Insurance? 

Wedding insurance won’t cover you in the event that you or your partner get cold feet or call off your wedding. It only covers things that are not in your control.  

 Don’t put your event at risk! Call The Insurance Outfit today to learn how to protect yourself, your Chester, NJ home, and your guests, to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch.