Why Your Collectors Vehicle May Not Be Covered If You Have It At a Storage Facility

Owning a collectors vehicle is often a labor of love! Whether you have restored an antique vehicle or have assembled a kit car, you know how much time, energy, and effort can go into restoring and maintaining a collector car or other vehicle. Typical auto insurance is not sufficient for such cars, and many otherwise excellent agents may not understand the nuances of these special vehicles. If you own a collectors vehicle and live or store that car in the greater Chester, NJ area the team at The Insurance Outfit has the expertise that you need to protect your treasured possession.

Collector Cars Stored at a Facility Require A Specialized Policy

There are many different factors that go on into determining the right policy for your vehicle. If you use your car for everyday use, or only take it out to go to a classic car show, your policy requirements will vary widely. The same is true if you keep your collector car in a storage facility rather than at your primary place of residence. When you have your car off-premises the requirements for coverage will vary, and it will likely make sense to acquire a specialized policy for such a situation. Don’t let your hard work and labor go unprotected because of where you keep your car! Now is the time to confirm that your policy is appropriate for your exact collector vehicle situation.

Your collector car is not only a beloved personal possession, but it is also a valuable asset. Don’t be left with insufficient coverage in the event of a loss, call or stop by The Insurance Outfit and make sure that your Chester, NJ area collector car has the protection it needs and deserves.