When a Customer Slips and Falls: Why You Need Commercial Insurance

Even if a slip and fall injury seems unlikely to happen on the premises of your business, you need to have coverage because this type of accident can occur anytime, anywhere. At The Insurance Outfit, serving Chester, NJ and the surrounding community, we can help you find commercial insurance that meets the needs of your business. It is important to make smart decisions regarding protecting yourself from the financial burden of a slip and fall accident claim.

Accidental Slips and Falls

A slip and fall injury can be caused by any type of hazard, from torn carpeting to a bathroom floor that hasn’t been cleaned properly. The injured person can be a customer or one of your employees. If someone on your premises suffers a slip and fall injury, you could be held liable and therefore need to protect yourself with the right commercial insurance coverage.

Prevention Is Key

It is important to have measures in place to reduce the likelihood of a slip and fall incident. Make sure your employees are trained to report hazards so that they can be quickly resolved. You should also maintain your property on a regular basis. Even when you go the extra mile to keep a slip and fall from occurring, there are unforeseen problems that could arise, resulting in someone suffering an injury on your property.

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