Home Insurance Needs for New Jersey Residents

New Jersey residents appreciate the many great things about their state, which is known affectionately as the “Garden State.” There is the world-famous Jersey Shore to enjoy for a day at the beach. There is the waterfront walkway at the Liberty State Park with its magnificent view of the Statute of Liberty. Commuters use the connection with New York City by going across the George Washington Bridge.

If you have a home or are thinking about buying a home in New Jersey talk to an agent at The Insurance Outfit, serving Chester, NJ and the surrounding area.

Here are some considerations to discuss to make sure your home insurance provides adequate protection:

  • Storms: The most common claims for homes in New Jersey is damage from severe storms. This includes damage from wind, heavy rain, and hail. There is also the possibility of damage from a hurricane and the associated storm surge. You may want to get flood insurance along with home insurance.
  • Falling Trees: Trees may fall due to a storm; however, they can also fall down simply due to age.
  • Domestic Workers: New Jersey law requires all employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This applies to domestic workers as well. If you plan to pay someone to help you in the home, talk with your insurance agent to get the proper insurance coverage.
  • Intoxicated Guests: If you like to have parties in your home, this type of insurance claim is a common one. If a guest falls even if it is their own fault, you, as the homeowner, are still responsible.
  • Accidents: Common accidents are people who slip and fall due to ice on the walkways leading up to a home or on the front steps.

Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage for protection against the liability from these five common things and others that you can discuss with your agent. Contact an agent at The Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ by calling 908-955-7561 or use the convenient online form to get a home insurance quote.