Does my auto insurance cover legal costs if someone sues me after a crash?

Everyone Has to Carry Auto Insurance

Everyone who drives in Chester, NJ is required to carry at least a minimum amount of auto insurance. Failure to carry insurance can result in fines, license suspension, and even criminal charges.

One benefit of the insurance you purchase through The Insurance Outfit or another insurance company is that your policy includes some protection which will help to cover legal costs when you are involved in an accident that ends up in litigation. Attorneys are expensive, and most people are relieved to find that they will get help with legal fees.

Auto Accident Attorneys

If you are the victim in an accident and want to sue someone else, you can hire an attorney who will work on a contingency fee. That means the attorney won’t collect until the case is over and the judgment is collected.

If you are on the other side, you will need to defend yourself in the lawsuit. If you hire an attorney yourself, that lawyer will likely charge by the hour. Attorneys often charge hundreds of dollars an hour.

What Insurance Actually Covers

When you are sued, legal representation will be provided for you. Your insurance company may have employees that work for the company, and one may be assigned to your case. If they don’t have attorneys on staff, they will hire an attorney who will defend you in the case. You should check your policy to make sure legal fees and other expenses are covered.

Being the defendant in a lawsuit is stressful, but it’s easier when you know you have someone on your side. If you live in Chester, NJ, make sure you have enough coverage. Call The Insurance Outfit today so we can get you the protection you need.