What is special events insurance?

Special event insurance is a policy provided by Chester, NJ insurers like The Insurance Outfit and is meant to protect your investment in a specific event. It may help you take care of claims in case you are found responsible for an injury or property damage during the event, or if you have to cancel an event. 

What will special event insurance cover?

Special event insurance covers the following:

Event liability

This coverage protects you when you are found responsible for an injury or property damage caused during an event. Most venues will require you to have this coverage. For instance, if the band you hire causes damages with their gear on a wall, this coverage can help pay for the repair expenses. Some policies also cover any incidents that your visitors or guests may cause. So, if one of your guests gets wild while dancing and trips on a waiter who was walking by, the coverage can pay for medical expenses that resulted from the injury. Be sure to read the policy that your insurer provides to know the situations it does or doesn’t cover.

Event cancelation

This insurance plan may reimburse you for any lost deposits or other fees in case something unexpected occurs and forces you to cancel or delay your function. For instance, if a photographer decides to close shop suddenly, you may be covered for the expenses of the lost deposit and other unexpected charges you may incur when you want to book another photographer. Additionally, if an officiant gets injured before your wedding, and you are forced to postpone it, this coverage may cater for expenses related to rescheduling the caterer, venue, and other vendors. Again, you must check your policy to know the situations that are or aren’t covered.

Special event insurance doesn’t always cover all events. For more information on this type of insurance, be sure to contact the Insurance Outfit in Chester, NJ.