Why Does Your Zip Code Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

When you are pricing out new insurance policies, you are asked what zip code the car is housed or garaged in. If you play around, you may find that the prices you are quoted change based on the zip code you put in. This may leave you wondering why the zip code has such a major effect on your auto insurance price. Here is some information you should know.

Auto insurance providers obtain a lot of information about your risk levels and then use that information to provide you with a car insurance quote. If you live in a zip code where a number of car accidents happen, your car insurance will be higher than someone who houses their car in a zip code with fewer car accidents. This is because statistically speaking, you are less likely to be involved in an accident in this zip code. Likewise, an insurance company takes into account the number of car thefts in a particular zip code, and what type of car is most commonly stolen. If you have a car that is typically stolen in a certain zip code, your insurance will be higher because there is more risk your car will be stolen and your auto insurance company will have to pay out on your auto insurance policy. As such, the zip code where your car is housed is extremely important in determining what your auto insurance rates will be.

If you are looking to obtain a new auto insurance policy or to compare prices for policies in the greater Chester, NJ area, let The Insurance Outfit help. We offer fair pricing, regardless of what zip code you live in. Give us a call today to get your auto insurance quote.

What Types of Auto Insurance Are There?

Auto insurance is as varied as the different makes and models of cars that it covers. For those that want to insure their car or are just curious about what different types of auto insurance there are, the helpful and skilled agents with The Insurance Outfit in the Chester, NJ can help.

Liability Coverage

The first type is liability coverage. This is going to be the minimum required by law. The monetary amount of coverage that is required may vary from locality to locality so you should talk to your agent about what is required. Liability is going to cover the cost of deductibles and some medical bills for both the driver and the person that is involved in the wreck.

Full Coverage

Full coverage is going to be required if you have a car that has a loan or lien out against the value to help protect the interest of the bank or lender. It is going to cover most medical bills and most of the fees and other bills that are associated with the wreck. It is also going to cover the cost of replacing or repairing the car.

Collectors or Antique Insurance

This is for collectors cars or those cars that are not necessarily daily drivers. It covers things like damage that occurs to the car, the cost of replacing or repairing with like parts, and so on. This is going to be necessary for those that have collector cars and is not necessary for those that just have normal cars.

No matter what type of car you own, insurance is something that everyone has to have if they intend to drive on the road. You should take the time to talk with the agents at The Insurance Outfit if you live in the Chester, NJ area to find out what coverage you need.  

Three things you should know about car insurance

Car insurance is one of those things that every car owner in the country knows they have to have, but few people actually know the details about what kind of coverage is actually available.  Here are three things that The Insurance Outfit, serving Chester, NJ, thinks you need to know  about car insurance.

1. Rates can fluctuate dramatically

The rate you get when you first sign up for an automobile policy can be very different than when you go to renew. For example, changes in your driving record, including tickets falling off or even additional violations, can change your rate for better or for worse. Maybe you passed an age thresh hold or your state as passed new regulations. Make sure that whenever you renew, you are getting the maximum amount of savings on your policy rate.

2. You are never locked into a policy

Even if your provider has you pay for a 6 or 12 month period, you are not bound to that insurance company. They can not charge you early termination fees like your cell phone or cable company. This is important to note because if you find yourself a better deal and a better rate, you can dump your old carrier penalty free. If you have paid for six months, and you switch after three, they owe you a prorated amount of the remaining three. 

3. Ride with your pet? Better check if they are covered

A standard policy will cover injuries to people in the vehicle in case of an accident. However, it is not always a guarantee that your pet will also be covered. Make sure you check with your insurance provider to make sure your precious pooch or kitty is covered.

If you are in need of a policy, contact The Insurance Outfit, serving Chester, NJ today.

Safe Driving Tips For Teen Drivers

Teen drivers are not always the safest. This is because they are so excited that they have a license that they forget all of the different rules. They may invite their friends in the car and they are showing off instead of paying attention to the road. There are some safe driving tips that you can implement in order to keep everyone safer.

Sign a Pact

Agree on some terms so that you and your teen driver are on the same page as to what is and isn’t allowed. Identify some punishments if they do not follow. Then, have them sign the pact. Various online packs are available as well, including making sure that they don’t text while driving.

Limit Night Driving

There may be state laws involving nighttime driving for teens, and this is something to be aware of. You can limit the amount of driving that they do at night as well, such as setting and 8 PM curfew.

Limit the Number of Friends

Friends can often cause trouble when they are in the front and back seat. This is because they are rambunctious and may even be adding the teen driver on to be riskier in the way that they drive. By limiting the number of friends in the car, you can keep your teen safer.

Write Out the Rules

Have the rules posted rather than simply having a conversation. Teens are not always known for their listening skills. Better yet, have your teen write out the rules so that they are more likely to remember everything that the two of you have talked about.

At The Insurance Outfit, we are here to help you with auto insurance. Contact us today and let us find you a policy in Chester, NJ that works for you and your teen.


Finding The Perfect Used Family Car Doesn’t Need To Be Hard

Throughout Chester, there are a lot of used cars out there. You want to love the car you buy for the family. Finding the perfect one is a lot easier than you might think. It’s simply important to know a few things before you start the process.

The first thing to know is that there is something known as “certified, pre-owned. This is all about the car going through an inspection that meets manufacturer standards. There’s also an extended warranty, which means you won’t have to worry about major repairs within the first year.

There are a few other tips to follow:

  • Always test drive the car
  • Look at a few different dealerships
  • Don’t be picky on color

You want a family car that is going to last, and this means knowing about the integrity of the engine and the other things under the hood. Have a mechanic take a look at the car – one that is not associated with the dealership. If you ask to drive the car to a local garage and the dealership says no, consider choosing a different dealership.

Finally, be aware of the value that you’re going to get. This means looking at the age of the car, the mileage on the odometer, as well as the price that you’re going to pay. To save money, you can get an older car. However, you don’t want to get such an older car that you have to worry about expensive repairs soon after driving off of the lot.

Take the time to do your research at the dealerships.

You need to have auto insurance coverage in Chester, New Jersey. Call us at The Insurance Outfit and one of our independent insurance agents can answer questions, find quotes, and generally hope you get a policy you can count on.



5 Ways To Ready Your Car For Fall In New Jersey

It’s important to prepare for the weather in NJ. There are five ways to prepare so you can deal with what the fall and winter months are going to bring. By taking the time to schedule the inspections and such, you can drive around town with more peace of mind.

Check Brakes

One of the last thing you want to worry about is whether your brakes are going to grip the roads or not. When there is ice or a problem on the road, you want to be able to stop and know that your brakes are capable of doing the job.

Schedule HVAC Inspection

An HVAC inspection is going to look at your heating system, the ventilation, as well as your air-conditioning. This will ensure that you are comfortable as you drive and that the defroster will take care of clearing the windows as needed.

Buy New Wiper Blades

New wiper blades should be purchased in the fall so that you are able to clear off ice, sleet, and anything else that may land on the window. If you have a back windshield wiper, these need to be replaced as well.

Have Tires Checked

Your tires need to be checked for bald spots, bulges, and more. The tire pressure can change as the weather gets colder and a significant amount of tread depth is required to grip the roads effectively, especially once it starts to snow in the winter months.

Schedule Maintenance

You should also schedule maintenance with your local mechanic. This will allow you to find out what needs to be done based on the make and model of your car as well as the amount of mileage that you have.

Call and talk to one of our independent insurance agents at The Insurance Outfit today. We look forward to helping you find a policy in NJ that works for you.



Reduce the Cost of Your Road Trip with These 3 Tips — And Make Sure You’re Insured

At The Insurance Outfit, we know first-hand how important saving money is to drivers in Chester, NJ. Our independent insurance agents help people find ways to save on their auto insurance every day. In order to further serve the drivers of Chester and nearby New Jersey cities, we’ve compiled a few ways to reduce the costs of road trips.

Reducing the Cost of Road Trips

If you’re planning a road trip, there are a few things you can do to reduce how much the adventure will cost you. The most significant thing you can do is drive a small, fuel-efficient car. If you only have a large, gas-guzzling SUV, consider borrowing someone’s car or even renting one (although this would increase the cost of your trip). You can further reduce your expenses by driving the speed limit, using cruise control which will improve your gas mileage, and staying with friends, rather than in hotels.

Keeping Your Auto Insurance Policy

If you borrow a friend’s vehicle to save on gas, make sure you’ll still be insured while on the road. Your friend should have auto insurance that will provide you with coverage, but you should still have your own auto insurance policy that will provide coverage while driving your friend’s car.

If you have questions about whether either your friend’s or your auto insurance policy will cover you while driving your friend’s car, feel free to contact our independent insurance agents. They can review your policy, and they can help you find a different policy if yours doesn’t provide the protection you need. To get in touch with our auto insurance agents, contact us through our website or call our office.


Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly This Summer and for Years to Come

Summer is a great time of year, but the hot weather can be tough on your vehicle. In order to keep you car or truck running smoothly for years to come, you’ll need to give it some attention this summer. We at The Insurance Outfit have three specific suggestions for taking care of your car this summer.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

Automobiles can run for years, reaching hundreds of thousands of miles when they’re properly maintained and operated. To ensure that your vehicle lasts a long time, be sure to:

  • check its fluids regularly
  • maintain proper air pressure in its tires at all times
  • fill up the gas tank before the empty light comes on

None of these actions takes long to do, but they can have a lasting impact on the life span of your vehicle if you see to them.

Insure Your Vehicle

In addition to properly maintaining your automobile, you also need to carry auto insurance. Your auto insurance needs may change as your vehicle ages. An older car might not need the same amount of protection as a new one. At The Insurance Outfit, we can help you find auto insurance now, and we’ll be there when you need to adjust your coverage in the future.

For help finding auto insurance, either log onto our website or give one of our independent insurance agents a call. Regardless of how you contact us, as an independent insurance agency we will compare all of the policies offered by insurers in New Jersey to help find you the best one. We’ve helped many drivers in Chester, NJ, and we’re ready to assist you, too.

Four Ways to Save Money On Car Insurance

When it comes to saving money on auto insurance, there are several tips and tricks you can follow.  Here’s a closer look at these tricks and how you can use them to lower your premium amounts.

Set up auto pay

Many insurance companies will allow you to earn a discount if you set up your premiums to be paid automatically out of your checking or savings account each month.  It might not be a huge discount, but even $5 a month adds up to a total savings of $60 a year.  

Opt for liability insurance

There are three basic types of insurance:

  • Liability
  • Liability with comprehensive coverage
  • Full coverage

Full coverage is usually the most expensive with liability being the cheapest.  If you have a car that is valued under $5,000, you might want to consider investing in a liability-only policy or liability and comprehensive coverage.  While full coverage is nice to have, being that the premiums are higher than liability coverage, it may be more reasonable to invest in a cheaper policy being that the car isn’t worth very much.  An insurance agent can help you decide whether or not to invest in full coverage. 

Ask for special discounts

Depending on where you live and what you do for a living, you may qualify for certain discounts.  Take for instance that you’re a full-time student at a local college.  Being a student with good grades usually qualifies you for a discount of anywhere from five to 20 percent. The more claims you make, the higher your rates will be.  Thus being accident-free is sure to keep your rates lower.  

To learn more about saving money on your auto insurance, contact us today!

How To Protect Your Antique Car

Chester, NJ is a charming little town that has a lot going for it. Residents and tourists alike come to visit the more than 80 specialty and artisan stores. Each year, a large craft fair is hosted and it’s one of the biggest in the country. There are also many farms and parks to enjoy while in the town that has less than 2,000 people living in 07930 year round.

If you have an antique car which is a collectible, you will want to make sure you have the right coverage. Traditional car insurance is not going to be effective because the values are going to be all wrong. If something were to happen to your car, either on the road or off, you want the real value for your car, not what the depreciated value is.

This is why you will need classic car insurance in Chester, NJ. This will help you get the right protection so you can drive your car down the highway or through town with confidence knowing that if something happens, you will have the ability to make repairs or even a replacement.

Your car isn’t being manufactured anymore and therefore it’s worth more. Parts are hard to find and if you were to put your car up at auction, it’s going to sell for a lot more than what it could have been purchased for new many years ago. Classic car insurance companies understand this and it’s why you need to work with them.

We have independent agents who know about collectible cars and can talk to you about the kind of coverage you need. When you’re in the 07930 area, you want your antique to be covered. Contact one of our agents today and let us help to get you a policy.